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    No news in the past few days. Hang in there! ;)

  • Come on guys... It's been over 2 months since Marshmallow has been released... It's obvious the android app does not get as much attention as the iOS one does, and I don't even ask for features parity but this is starting to look like you just don't care...

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    We are working on a public beta that will include fingerprint support. We will have something to share very soon. Stay tuned! :)

  • Hello! I'm using 1Password on both iOS and Android. Is it possible to enable the fingerprint APIs on Android similar to Touch ID on iOS? Thanks!

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  • Not from AgileBits here, but I do happen to know that they are working on an Android Fingerprint-compatible version that is in development but not out yet, and they aren't commenting on a timeframe (which is usual). But it sounds to me from what I've gathered here and on Twitter that it's likely coming sooner rather than later...I'd keep an eye out for it!

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    Hey @mvd7793. We are indeed working on fingerprint unlock on Android, as @dszp mentioned. We can't say exactly when it will be released, but we're hoping it will be in beta soon!

  • Guys, it's not happening anytime soon. Agilebits should stick with iOS only because they've been trailing at least a year behind in Android development. All competitors have fingerprint support now. I'm one of the stupid ones who fell for their May demo and paid for the bundle. Since the're not interested in developing a better app for Android, I've moved. Good Luck

  • @deepdvd It's no exaggeration. Have a look at Play. Dashlane, Lastpass and Keeper all have fingerprint support. I can name a few more if you want me to. It's not just that. Have a look at the iOS app.

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    @deepdvd: Indeed. know that it's difficult, but good things come to those who wait! And most importantly, we're not simply tacking on fingerprint support. We've got a lot more in store for you. ;)

    @Gerrd: Thanks for the compliment on 1Password for iOS! Although I'm confused by your claim that you got 1Password for Android in some sort of bundle, if you weren't happy with 1Password for Android, i'm glad to hear that you've moved on to something that's a good fit for you. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty YES it was a compliment. I really like the iOS version. By "bundle" I meant mac+windows bundle. I'm using 1password on all platforms. I referred to a few friends as well, and they all like it. What i don't understand is that, when the rest of the platforms are updated regularly, why are you guys ignoring android? And you demoed the fingerprint thing on the Marshmallow announcement. Why can't you push the feature like you did with Touch ID?

  • @brenty Don't make this our fault. Sure good things come to those who waits. BUT, we are paying customers. We bought YOUR product, and you told us that you were going to release the fingerprint features WITH marshmallow's release, which happened months ago.

    And I agree. Having seen my roommate use 1Password on iOS, it is much better than the Android version. I just hope your soon is my soon (not like your "with Marshmallow's release"). And that it's going to improve greatly the state of the app. Otherwise, I might also be tempted to go see elsewhere.

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    This is really embarrassing. You guys were featured at Google IO for fingerprint auth, but the last of the major password manager apps to release it and still have no public timetable. This was almost 8 months ago now:

    Couple that with the fact that the app has looked virtually the same since I joined the beta over a year ago, has an extremely dated UI, and the iOS/Mac apps have sprinted ahead during this time, it's easy to understand why some Android users would feel like we're an afterthought to AgileBits.

    All's well that ends well, but until you guys pump out anything that resembles an update, users are going to continue feeling left out.

  • @pandanomic agreed. It's getting a bit ridiculous now. It's been over two months since marshmallow was released. It's obvious: the Mac and iOS apps are priority. Android is an afterthought. That's fine - just please be honest about it! :blush:

  • Guys, I've been told by someone close to devs, that the release is coming in the first week of January. Fingerprint support + Material design coming. 2 more weeks.

  • Glad to see AgileBits are early adopters of new techs like Material Design!!! (sarcasm)

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    Thank you everyone for your support of 1Password. I understand the frustration with not having the update yet. As I mentioned earlier, we are working very hard towards a public beta, and we are testing builds internally every day to catch those critical issues. I think at this point, we are very close to a public beta release, and I will have more to share in the next few weeks. ;)

    Enjoy the holidays! :)

  • Oh BTW, I just wanted to thank you for stupid beta application that's not even able to update itself correctly. I loved how it offered me to update because somehow you thought it was a good idea to automatically shut it down after a fixed date, and then also told me I could not use the app anymore because the date was freaking passed. Thank you very much guys. Loved the experience...

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    Hi @Xaelias. Sorry to hear that you had a hard time with the beta update!

    Our beta builds expire every 90 days, and do so for a number of reasons. Beta builds are prone to bugs and flaws, and since these can sometimes lead to security risks, we want our beta testers to be using the latest builds possible. This means that our beta testers need to be updating regularly to avoid lockout due to expiration.

    It happens that the latest beta update was released just a few days before the expiry of the last, so it seems that some users weren't able to update in time. We recommend exiting and relaunching the app periodically to ensure you're up to date. You can also check the download link the beta newsletter to make sure you're running the latest update.

    We are looking into alternatives to HockeyApp at the moment, and considering other channels which would allow us to update automatically.

    You're also welcome to install the stable version from Google Play, if you like, which never expires. :)

  • I totally agree with @deepdvd. Please keep it civil @Xaelias! I for one think the support is excellent, agilebits always responds to suggestions and also listens to their customers. So we have to wait a while... So what... take a chill pill.

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    Thanks for the kind words! See mom?| I told you people think I'm polite! :lol:

    Joking aside, I do understand that it can be frustrating when things go wrong, especially when everything in your 1Password vault is at risk. I also know that you all don't have the benefit of knowing what's going on behind the scenes like I do, which can be even more frustrating. That said, it is indeed better for everyone if we keep this forum a place for civil discussion.

    We do appreciate our beta testers! You're the bees knees! :love: Happy New Year!!

  • I expect it not to just bail on me. Especially since it's not a bug, or a beta issue, but a feature :-) That's just dumb.

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    Understood. We'll be more cognizant of this going forward. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I know I expose myself as a jerk in my past couple posts. To be honest, for once, I don't really care. And I would be one of the first to be thankful if the next beta indeed brings all the features we are waiting for, and so much more, as you have been promising. But the truth is... We are still waiting.
    @deepdvd I'm chill. I still think it's not OK to be in a beta program this long after a feature is available on android, and has been promised by AB, on an app I paid for, and still having nothing but a beta that disabled itself on its own. I'm done being polite until I see something worth it. You keep being completely happy. We'll both have something in the end anyway :-) Apparently a lot of other passwords manager think I'm right since they actually did something about it :-)

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    @Xaelias: If you're just blowing off some steam, no worries. I think we've all been there. But if you legitimately feel that you're unable to remain civil, please review the forum guidelines and consider simply keeping your thoughts to yourself. We want to keep the forums friendly so everyone can get the help they need and live in peace. Happy new year! :blush:

  • I get that you're working on cool stuff and whatever, but fixing the stuff that's behind should be prioritized. Fingerprint is basic functionality and I guess I'm just waiting since 1Password for Teams gets prioritized in development to sell to the enterprise crowd, and I don't appreciate that.

    This feature would save me so much time every single day, and I'm sure it would for a lot of users. It has a very direct impact on my day.

    When can we expect this in the beta at least? Pleeease don't say "soon". Any estimate on month?

  • The "Fingerprint" is definite the one feature which is missing next for Android - many of your customers using android "thought" this would already be supported, this leads to frustration.

    I could not find any "simple" feature matrix based on OS/1PasswordFeatures - if there is any please let me kindly know about it - if not you really should take care of this.

  • @Gerrd We'll see. Now it's January 5, hopefully this can be released before Sunday.

    @saad I have been waiting for so long… Maybe a year and a half for this build. I understand you guys want to put Apple users into priority for your own reason, but this is heartbreaking for Android users.
    I use 1P for Mac, iOS and Android at the same time, but the Android one is frustrating for me. My friend told me 1P for Windows also has many problems. How come? C# should be much easier than Obj-C.
    Anyway, 1P is a great app. Thank you for all your works done towards this build with fingerprint support and material design. I'm a fan of 1P and have referred it to many of my friends, I sincerely hope it can be better in the future.

  • Competition comes out ahead again:

    So unfortunate, AgileBits. When will Android be considered a priority platform?

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