How can I find out how many devices are using my 1password?

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Is there any way to determine how many devices and when have been connected to my 1password account. Similar security check like gmail offers.

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  • Stephen_C
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    There is no 1Password "account". All your 1Password data is held locally on your machine(s). AgileBits never holds any of your 1Password data (which for me is one of the major attractions of 1Password).

    Thus the only devices that will access your 1P data are those devices with which you sync that data (if you choose to sync using Dropbox, iCloud or wifi).


  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @wolfys_wolf,

    Stephen is absolutely correct - 1Password never sends your password data to us, so we don't know anything about what data is stored in your vault or what devices you've used 1Password on. Services like Google/Gmail are different because you need to connect to their servers, so they're able to keep track of the devices you use to do that.

    Does that help, or is there a specific reason you wanted to be able to check the devices you've used with 1Password?

  • wolfys_wolf
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    I am syncing my iMac, iPad, iPhone over Dropbox.
    Does that mean if somebody has my Dropbox log in details that they can create a 1password account on their computer and then sync all my information via Dropbox?

  • danco
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    If someone has your Dropbox log in details, then they would have access to anything in your Dropbox account. But I believe you can set up two factor authorisation on Dropbox, which would make it difficult to get in. The same would apply to iCloud.

    However, if they did get in, they would be able to steal your 1PW vault. That would still not give them access to your passwords, as they would not have your master password, and the encryption is very strong, there is no practical way of opening your vault without the master password.

  • littlebobbytables

    Greetings @wolfys_wolf,

    Did danco's reply help at all? His reply was quite correct, while they can copy your Agile Keychain from Dropbox should they gain access the files are useless without the Master Password, it's why we do recommend a strong and unique password.

    If you use Dropbox to synchronise your vault over multiple devices then you can at least see what devices have been linked to your Dropbox account. It won't show if they copied the Agile Keychain but it is at least something. To see what devices are linked you want to look in Dropbox's settings, specifically the security tab. I hope this helps a little :smile:

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