autofill works but doesn't press LOG IN button

Am using Chrome 66.0.3359.181-64. To log into, I left-click on the 1Password extension button in Chrome's extension menu and the extension provides me its little menu; I then type "ADP" and the extension provides me a "tinier menu" of two entries that match this search; I then move my cursor down to my "ADP Portal" entry and left-click again. In response, the extension correctly opens the website and fills in my user ID and password.

What it fails to do is hit the LOG IN button.

I did a little debug of this, and found the following procedure works. I repeat the procedure above, then clear the user ID and password boxes, and then press Ctrl-\ and the extension opens the same "tinier menu". I then left-click on my "ADP Portal" entry. In this case, the extension correctly autofills my user ID and password, and then correctly presses the LOG IN button. Yay! :)

I think the issue with the first procedure is that mouse cursor is not over ADP's fill-in form (the mouse cursor happens to be resting near the top-right corner of the web page, because that's where I left-clicked on the "ADP Portal" entry in the "tinier menu"), so I'm guess that the extension's "press" of the LOG IN button does not take affect. With the second procedure, my cursor happens to be over the form, because I just erased the entries my mouse cursor happened to be resting on ADP's fill-in form, so when I pressed Ctrl-\, the "tinier menu" popped up over the form, and when I left-clicked on the "ADP Portal" entry, my mouse cursor was still over ADP's fill-in form.

Is there a fix to this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

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OS Version: 6.1.7601 SP 1
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    Hi @SoKal,

    The extension doesn't attempt to simulate clicking on buttons, instead we rely on the fact that most well behaved sites allow the user to press the enter key to submit the form after typing in their password. So the way submit after filling works is the extension fills the fields as instructed to by 1Password and if it fills a password field it attempts to leave keyboard focus on that field and then asks 1Password to mimic the enter key being pressed.

    When you use open-and-fill and the submit after filling doesn't happen, where is the keyboard focus?

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