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I find these type of forums not very responsive. The responses via the views vs answers is very low.

I find 1Password to be the most elite app available these days, however trying to solve problems is very lacking.

I don't see a phone number to talk with a live person ... or ... a chat line.

Can someone tell me how to get in contact with 1Password so that I can start solving my issues.

1Password Version: 7.2.2
Extension Version: 7.2.2
OS Version: 12.0.1
Sync Type: ???


  • danco
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    No phone number or chatline. I don't know if it is the size of their team, or some other factor, but AgileBits don't have any plans for either.

    You can email support (or Twitter or Facebook, but I don't use those, so I have no idea how well they work). However, AgileBits are getting a lot of requests at the moment and, though they will reply ultimately, it may take several days to reply. Also note that (both with email and forums) they reply from the oldest to the newest, and putting in a request like "I emailed you two days ago, why haven't I heard" only puta you back in the queue for replies.

    You say you find "these type of forums" not very responsive. I know what you mean, but have you actually tried the 1Password forums? I find them excellent. Every thread is ultimately replied to by an AgileBits staff member, but there are enough experienced users on the forums that you can often get a much faster answer from one of the users.

    I would recommend that you post your queries/problems in these forums as the first step, and see what happens.

  • Lars
    1Password Alumni

    @pizellie - I'm sorry for the delay in our reply. As @danco mentions, however, we do not offer telephone or other "live" support for 1Password, for a variety of reasons. We've been inundated in the last few months with support requests, due to the simultaneous release of both 1Password 7 for Windows and 1Password 7 for Mac, along with the changes in macOS 10.14 (“Mojave”) and the general uptick in public awareness of and interest in password managers. We're working hard to get back to our usual snappy response times, but in the meantime, a) you have contacted 1Password, right here (just like the other six threads you've opened over the past year or so), and b) we appreciate your patience. :) We try to answer user questions/issues in the order we receive them, which seems fair to us; I doubt you'd be pleased if we let you sit in the queue while we answered others who contacted us more-recently than you did.

    So, how can we help you with 1Password?

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