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Good morning! Welcome to another Monday! I hope you had the chance for some fun over the weekend.

This week, your patience pays off as we deliver to you...

Item Editing and Item Moving

Yes, you heard right! In today's update, it is now possible to edit items and it is now possible to move items from one vault to another! This is what our team has been hard at work doing for the last few weeks, and we are really excited to send this out into the world.

[Here's the link to the video](https://bucket.agilebits.com/mike/fixaninsecurewebsite.mp4)

But, this isn't everything! If you are a French user in Canada, you may start to see a few localized strings. We are testing out our internationalization infrastructure by translating progressively more parts of the application, and by building new parts with the translation infrastructure present from the beginning.


Saving updates to an item will not trigger a synchronization with the server. You will need to do that manually. Press Control-S to trigger the synchronization, or press Alt to get the menu bar, then select Account -> Sync Now.

These are pre-beta features. Please try them out on test data and let us know your experiences. While we are testing these out constantly, it is possible that we missed something important, and data corruption is now possible for the first time.

New and Improved

  • You can now perform some basic edits on items. !2935
  • You can now move items between vaults and accounts. !3316
  • 1Password will now notify you if you are attempting to sign in while using a blocked network due to company firewall rules set by your 1Password account administrator. #2319
  • Fixed a string in the Manage Collection view to say Include new vaults instead of Locked. #2852
  • In the Collections dropdown, the label for managing your collections will dynamically change depending on if you have a collection or not. !3299
  • 1Password will ask you to sign in again with new email address after you change the email address for your account. #2317
  • 1Password will continue syncing when you update templates in a business account. #2868
  • Search description is more clear about showing matching items in the item list. !3372
  • Bonjour! If you're a French user in Canada, you may notice 1Password has a few localized strings, we're just currently testing and starting the work on the localization for 1Password on Linux. More to come in future updates. !2766

Installing and upgrading

Go to the getting started guide for instructions on installing or updating 1Password.

Thank you to everyone who is providing feedback on this journey! Our development team will be active in this forum so when you find issues please let us know here. 🤗


  • briceiobriceio
    edited October 4

    Item editing is awesome! More than welcome!

    This is stuff like this that helps Linux become a more viable option to anyone!

    I've been a paid customer for years - macOS/Windows, and now that I switched to Linux I'm more than happy to keep using 1Password.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    I'm glad to hear that, @briceio! Thanks for being a part of our community.

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