If I get 1password family, how would my husband and I be able to each use 2FA with our two phones?

I'm considering moving my husband's and my account with Dashlane to 1password families. We each want to be able to use 2FA with our two cell phones. Can we?

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  • @gymswim If you're talking about setting up 2FA to control access to your 1Password account then yes. You will each have your own 1Password accounts and you can each set-up an authenticator app on your phone to use when accessing 1Password on a new device.

    If you're talking about setting up 2FA to control access to other websites and services then you have a number of options:
    1) Use SMS text to authenticate yourself to the website/service where this is offered - note that this is the least secure option;
    2) Use separate authenticator apps on each of your phones - keeping your 2FA codes separate and outside 1Password;
    3) Use 1Password to store your 2FA codes in your individual Private vaults - keeping your 2FA codes separate;
    4) Use 1Password to store your 2FA codes in a shared vault - allowing you to share access to 2FA codes;
    5) A combination of the above dependent on the sensitivity of the website/service and whether you both need access.

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    Let us know if you have any questions. :chuffed:

  • Thanks so much for your reply. In order for either of us to use our to change our passwords to all the websites, like banking etc,, what plan and structure would you suggest?

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    Start slowly by finding a few sites that are what I would call less than critical (non-banking). Change your passwords a few times and learn the process. What I find confuses people most and myself too when I first started was trying to do too much at once. Trying to learn Mac and iOS, for example, and trying to get everything done right then just causes frustration. It's a fundamental change. Now, if you've previously used a password manager, you may be apt to move along quicker.

    Use the password generator to change and strengthen your passwords

    Saving, filling, and changing your passwords

    Take a few days, get used to one device, practice-changing passwords, and slowly branch out. Once you have a few under your belt, you should be good to go. I took much the same approach by changing my most critical sites and then working backward after my learning curve. ;)

  • @gymswim I like to keep things simple so I put most of my passwords in my Private vault and only share the ones that I need to share with my family. I keep my 2FA codes separately because I already have them saved in 2-3 places and this was set-up before I moved to 1Password. However, where I need to share a 2FA code I put it in a 1Password shared vault along with the associated password.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. We currently use Dashlane. Is there an easy way to transfer the passwords and log in and website information from Dashlane to 1password?

  • @gymswim There's a support page dedicated to that topic. See below and let us know if you have any questions.


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    Just checking in on this to see how things are going. Were you able to import your passwords from Dashlane?

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