Why can we not have an explicit statement about 1Password being a subscription-only service?



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    I have the Win 10 1PW7 standalone desktop app installed which one would think would be what the classic extension needs. It used to work.

  • This should work. :)

  • @DenalB,

    This should work. :)

    Indeed it should. However, 1PW has no plans to make it work other than having me buy a subscription.

  • @MikeV99
    Indeed, subscription is the way 1Password goes.
    But you can use your working configuration (1PW7 + Classic Extension) as long as it works. It will support local vaults, and you don't have to switch to a subscription.
    If you decide to use 1PW8 and the latest extension in the browser later, you can still decide to take a subscription to go forward with these latest builds. ;)

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    I have an old Mac whose OS is no longer upgradable but it still runs great.

    I assume you are here and use 1Password because you care about information security. How do you reconcile that against running an operating system that is not being updated? "Runs great" is great until you get hit with an unpatched vulnerability because you didn't update.

    Will 1PW8 still run and continue to run on my old platforms?

    I suspect not. Why would 1Password support operating systems that are not supported by the vendor?

    Am I to be forced to buy new computers and devices?

    Welcome to capitalism.

    Rather than an annual membership, what would a lifetime 1PW membership cost?

    They do not sell "lifetime" anything, but you can get high-dollar gift cards which would cover multiple years of service. I would recommend that you email them as they have good deals available through email on gift cards:

    If this sounds like you we set up a special deal where you can purchase a $99 gift card worth $150 of credit (only available on 1Password.com), allowing you to use 1Password for over 3 years. Once those 3+ years are up you can choose whether or not to pay again. No recurring or automatic payments will be taken and your data will always be available whether you renew or not.

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    @dteare I have bought every version of 1Password since it was first released and I've been a Mac user this whole time. I need the standalone license for Windows now. The subscription membership is not suitable.


    1Password Version: 1-7
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Not Provided
    Sync Type: Dropbox

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Sorry for the late reply everyone. I took an extra long weekend for Canada Day and am just catching up now. 🇨🇦🎉

    @TonyHall: Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, including the irrational ones. 🙂 I’m sad to hear you are thinking of leaving us but I am very thankful for your support over all these years and for being so open, understanding, and caring in your reply here. If you do decide to leave after your research (it's a bit dated but this is a good place to start) is completed, I wish you nothing but the best of luck and ask that you stop by every once in a while to see what we’re up to. As always (subscription or otherwise), it’s always our responsibility to prove to you the value of 1Password and to earn our keep. I believe we do but we’re not always effective at communicating the value so I continue to appreciate customers like you who nudge us to do better in that department. 😘 Again, either way, I’m super thankful for you being part of our journey and wish you the best. 🤗

    @Dr. Woo: I’m sorry to hear our move to subscriptions has caused you this much pain. I really am. All I can say is we did our best to make our 1Password membership a compelling value and with the price at roughly a paid upgrade every two years along with the additional features our online service provides, I feel we were successful in this regard. We certainly do care about all our users and have done our best to address many of the concerns we’ve heard from folks who were apprehensive about subscriptions. Things like keeping the price reasonable, to providing an option for yearly payments, all the way to creating large gift cards to allow you to purchase years of our service as a one-time, non-recurring payment. Along with the great trade-in discount for licenses it is my sincere hope that we’re able to win you over. In the end though I know in my heart of hearts that moving to subscriptions-only is the right thing to do and so we will be moving forward here. I hope this doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for us but if this is an untenable situation, then I am sad to say we do indeed need to part ways. In either event, I really am thankful for your support over all these years and wish you the best of luck.

    @ComplainyGuy: You’re absolutely right that the predictability of subscriptions is incredibly important for us as it allows us to invest more in the business and have confidence in knowing that we’ll be able to afford doing so over the long haul. There are many other benefits as well. I touched on a few in my post above and in my From a Happy 1Password Maker blog post way back when, but I didn’t bother diving that deep in either as there’s plenty of others who have written in-depth reviews of why software as a service is the best way to sell software for all involved. Now you mentioned offering a paid upgrade and I’m guessing you mean to repeat what we did in 1Password 7 and offer both. I tried to capture our rationale in my post above. It’s a long one so I can totally understand if you didn’t get all the way through it, but the why is covered there in depth. If you have questions or concerns after reading that post through, I’d be happy to discuss them.

    @macindigo: I’m very familiar with the intrinsic problem you describe but in my experience it’s the exact opposite. For paid upgrades you need to stop releasing fixes for the previous version and build up to a big release. Not only are fixes and improvements delayed, but often the new release won’t be published until enough cool new features are added to create a big splash, all in an effort to justify people opening up their wallets to purchase the upgrade. And if sales for the new release don’t meet expectations, then another release is quickly rushed through for another paid upgrade or the company closes it’s doors. I’ve seen this many times and I personally have friends who have done exactly this – closed their doors and gone to work for the tech giants. With subscriptions it’s completely different. Fixes can be released when they are ready. There’s no intrinsic need to add features for the sake of a big splash but rather can be added for the sake of solving real issues. And with steady and predictable revenue we can grow the team with confidence. Now of course we knew all this back when 1Password 7 was released but as I described in my comment above, we wanted to present both options to our users and give them the choice. Users overwhelmingly choose our membership option and that made our choice much easier to make. While I’d love to be able to make everyone happy all the time, the reality is supporting both models requires extra effort on multiple fronts (from development to support to design) and we simply couldn’t justify moving slower in order to support both approaches.

    @MikeV99: I see where you’re coming from. While I personally like to upgrade to the latest-and-greatest of everything, my wife likes to hold on to the bitter end until she’s forced to upgrade. Opposites attract I suppose. 😂 One of the unforeseen benefits of our 1Password memberships (at least unforeseen to me at the time) is given our service is used by so many businesses (over 80,000 now!), it’s more important than ever that we maximize the number of operating systems 1Password runs on. And given how reserved many companies are with upgrading operating systems, we need to extend our support as far as possible. With license sales it was completely different. Anyway, back to your question about a lifetime membership. This is something we don’t sell and I hope we never do. I’d much rather that we be forced to earn our keep on a regular basis rather than risk getting comfortable. At the same time I know monthly payments can be troublesome from a book keeping point of view so we offer a yearly payment option. I hope that helps.

    Thanks again everyone for sharing your thoughts and giving us a chance to talk with you. 🤗

    Take care,


  • Hi everyone, greetings from Switzerland!
    I've been a 1Password customer since version 4 and I love it. Support is great too! I'm one of those who purchased a standalone license with Dropbox syncing. At the time, I felt this was a safer, more private solution to manage my data.

    I am quite disappointed to learn the next version (v. 8) will be subscription-only, thus dropping the standalone license. The concept of a yearly bill to use a software (however well done and essential) vs a one time, controlled purchase. What stops you from tripling the fee one day? You are not the first to shift system, though. Looking at Adobe, with a subscription-based service, the psychological risk for customers is to expect great features all the time to justify the price. New tools, new integrations.

    I was reading about EU vs Canada servers and pre-paid cards. Please, please do not make things more complicated for no reason. One website, one login. Give the option to switch language/currency and to have international categories. You get the point. :)

    Last but not least, one thing that worries me is putting my data into someone else's hands. You control pricing, limits and may very well decide in a year that the basic account can have 4 vaults and charge for each additional vault created.

    That's why I'm worried and I wished there would be alternative syncing methods. I probably will not upgrade right away, but I cannot abandon 1Password either. In time, maybe.

    Kind regards.

  • @michelebugliaro:

    I am quite disappointed to learn the next version (v. 8) will be subscription-only, thus dropping the standalone license. The concept of a yearly bill to use a software (however well done and essential) vs a one time, controlled purchase. What stops you from tripling the fee one day?

    I got 1Password only a few months ago, and I explicitly chose the subscription model for my family. I usually prefer one-time purchases for the same reasons as you, but it's a bit different with password managers. It's obligatory a password manager stays updated, stays state of the art, keeps up with the general technical and security development. If it doesn't, I might as well use Excel for password management. And there is an integrated cloud sync, so I don't need to invent my own.

    To enable development planning ahead financially to stay state of the art, and to ensure I am always running the most recent software, the subscription is the correct model.

    If the fee is increased in the future, I would change to a different password manager with better pricing. Export from 1Password is possible (I verified this before subscribing). No software has to last forever.

    1Password subscription is expensive, but in this particular case I feel it's ok and not unreasonably high.

  • Hi @Tertius3 !
    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. In the end, being 1Password so cool and crucial, to fund the development a subscription model is the way to go.

  • I usually prefer one-time purchases for the same reasons as you, but it's a bit different with password managers.

    Same with me. I don't like subscription models and try to avoid them. But here in this case I feel secure and want to support 1Password to get it updated for the future. And yes, if there would be an increase of the fee, which I can no longer afford, I would think about switching to another manager.

  • @dteare

    I never purchased a standalone license before, and I have no issue with the current subscription model, but .... that license card on the earlier version of 1Password is sooooo amazing!

    Please add this to the current 1password client, maybe as an easter egg. We need some old-fashioned stuff in this new "subscription model" area.

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    Coming to this late. My apologies.

    I'm an OLD 1Password using having started back in 2008'ish. I remember when Agilebits tried to force users to use Dropbox ONLY and the revolt and the work around implemented so people could still use their vaults. I seriously doubt any of the concerns from back in the day have been fully mitigated.

    I too will be a lost customer because 1) I don't pay for software subscriptions and 2) I want my vaults. I don't store my passwords in shared systems like 1Password, LastPass, or others.

    So thank you for the years I've been able to use 1Password and for creating a market where there are more choices. I doubt we'll see a change back to stand alone licenses or individual vaults.

    @CGDisplayBounds , thank you for the pointer to KeyPassXC. It looks like it will fill my needs on my computers and I use Strongbox on my phone.

    Take care,

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