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Why can we not have an explicit statement about 1Password being a subscription-only service?



  • Jan_EJan_E
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    We are out as well.
    As much as I can understand the subscription model from a business point of view, as a non commecial user, I will try my best to not support it anywhere. The reasons have been mentioned by others before.
    Cloud based services are not my cup of tea in general. Especially not with precious data like passwords and other access credentials. And it is not only the storage but also the access. I need to be able to access my data at any time and there it helps to have as few parties involved as possible (here they are: AgileBits, their hosting partner, my ISP... just to name a few...) Sorry, no-go for us.
    These two reasons have been brought up by many future ex-customers in this thread. But one thing was only touched by some people, which I find pretty serious as well: Dave claims that "90% of customers" "preferred" the subscription model - which, as we all know, was the only model advertised. English is not my first language, so bear with me, if I am missing some nuances here: I find Dave's "explanation" not just a little far fetched, I find it inacceptable. To be totally honest: I find it dishonest to sell a completely distorted picture as the absolute truth.
    And now, my question is this: why would I trust someone to safeguard my passwords, whom I consider dishonest in the first place?
    Why not just admit that subscription is the only model going forward for obvious reasons and the customers were intentionally pushed in that direction and AgileBits is willing to sacrifice a certain percentage of the remaining 10% of its customers? It would not change the outcome - but it would at least retain integrity.
    Sorry, I must admit this sounds harsh, but this is really how I feel about this.

    Good luck for the future and thanks for the past years of providing our number one pasword managing tool - it is time to move on...

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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  • svsmailussvsmailus
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    It'll be interesting how things fare this year as the real stats for 1 Password won't be until people come to the end of their current subscription cycle and until v8 hits. My family subscription set to renew on the 10th Jan and today we all moved to Strongbox and KeepassXC and cancelled our subscription. Dave mentioned that vaults are different. Interestingly Keepass has vaults that are being adopted by many different password managers. I've lost nothing in my transition to Strongbox and KeepassXC. Import was pretty simple and nothing has been lost. Even saved ourselves some money!

    I still think anyone placing their most sensitive data in the cloud is taking a phenomenal risk.

  • Fred_HoFred_Ho
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    I have been using 1Password, single user license, for over 10 years. I have loved working with 1Password. It is one of the best tools from my point of view. Now I have heard 1Password 8 will no longer exist as a single user license. That means 1Password wants to part with me. I am now in the process of learning another tool. Goodbye 1Password

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  • AlanTheBeastAlanTheBeast
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    Goodbye 1Password. Not sure why you're forcing people to "rent" your product. Standalone with a vault on Dropbox has worked great for me, home and work over 4 or 5 devices.

    Pay you once for the s/w and good to go. Update every few years for more bucks.

    I get that the "rental" universe works for you cashflow wise, but the value is absolutely horrible for me. I'll transition out over the next little while. I'm not crazy about the Apple solution - but it's a start.

  • BenBen

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    Sorry to see you go, @AlanTheBeast. If you're interested, Dave has explained the reasons why 1Password membership is the way forward here. The long and short of it is that we need to continue to innovate in order to keep ahead of the competition, and standalone licenses & vaults took us as far as they could. I hope that you're able to find a solution that you're confident in and comfortable with, and that perhaps we can win you back some day. :+1:

    All the best.


  • drpeejdrpeej
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    Ok, I just purchased a new Macbook pro to replace the one I've had for several years. I'm starting new to have a clean slate. While trying to add 1Password and sync with Dropbox I noted I had to convert to Password7. I started searching to see if converted will cause problems with my apps. After reading these threads I noticed it will be a subscription? I purchased a license several years ago and now you're going to charge me again? Seriously? Can I use an older version and not go this subscription route nonsense?

  • BenBen

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    Hi @drpeej

    1Password is a subscription service. Using an older version is possible, but not recommended. I'd encourage you to reach out to our team at [email protected] via email to discuss your situation and the options available. 👍🏻


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