Safari extension not working on iPadOS 15.2

Since the Share access to 1Password is not present anymore, the Safari extension is my only option (despite the fill suggestions on the keyboard).

But when I click on the icon extension, it asks me to sign in to use 1Password (I was previously signed in) and the button "Open 1Password".

Then, it opens a new tab, and nothing happens.
If I leave Safari and come back, I see (sometimes) the pop-up option to open 1Password.

Then it opens 1Password only, nothing else happens.

So the only way to use 1Password at the moment is either using the suggestions from the keyboard (which is not always filling fields for some reason) or using the app side-by-side and copying/pasting.

On iPhone (using iOS 15.1) this problem doesn't happen, clicking on the extension asks me to fill in the password.
Which it's also not convenient: I have 1Password installed, running, and logged. I unlock using FaceID. Why the extension makes me fill the password every single day, again and again? Why not use FaceID?

I miss the Share access. The extension doesn't seem to be fully implemented yet, you should keep the share option until being 100% that extension is working fine and smoothly, without making us have many extra steps than before.

I still love 1Password, but right now I'm not loving that much.

1Password Version: 7.9.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: IPadOS 15.2


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