Chrome extension is not working

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1Password can't verify the identity of your web browser
For your protection, 1Password will only fill information in browsers that have been signed by identified developers.
1Password 6

Was working yesterday
Same Computer, Same OS...
Tried to uninstall, rebooted, restarted chrome...nothing nada. Ça ne marche pas!
Chrome Version 99.0.4844.74 (Official Build) (x86_64)

Thank you

1Password Version: 6.8.9 (689001)
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.6



  • Hi @VoyCom:

    Thanks for reaching out! On March 15, Google released Chrome 99, which contained a new code signing certificate. Because of this change, 1Password 6 for Mac no longer works in Chrome 99 or later. The last major update to 1Password 6 for Mac was almost 4 years ago, and as 1Password is a security product, we strongly recommend keeping it up to date.

    Since you've emailed us as well, we'd be best equipped to discuss any offers that would apply to your specific situation there. We'll get back to you soon, so please keep an eye out!


    ref: JAM-73876-336

  • ww1plf
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    I had encountered the exact same issue.
    I bought the so called "lifetime license" of 1password several years back, which didn't specify that its limited to certain versions.
    By that time it's 1password 4 for PC and 1password 6 for macos. We were decoyed to pay a large amount of money upfront as the bundle was claimed to be for "life time" use.
    Ever since 1password switched to subscription, my purchased 1password product didn't receive any more update and become useless as they are incompatible with latest browsers. Firstly the 1password 4 for PC stopped working, now the 1p6 for macos.
    I myself am a front-end SDE so i totally don't get their excuse why simply updating the browser signature takes so much effort that they don't want to do it.
    As a customer, i don't ask for additional features compared to what i paid for, but 1password team should at least maintain the sold product or provide us lifetime subscription of somewhat equivalent product, if they'd hold up their promises at all.
    Just take a look how the notability app handled their recent transition from lifetime to subscription, every old customer got lifetime subscription service.

  • rayf1P
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    Hi Jack P at 1P,

    I agree with ww1plf above. I am running 6.8.9 and macOS 12.2.1 with the latest Chrome 99 as you mention. I am not complaining about the features in this version or how it works. The integration of the extension is a key part of using 1P without it it makes your product very cumbersome to use. When I purchased a lifetime version it thought it meant lifetime, not well we don't want to support this any more. If I was to buy a new 1P license I understand your model, but I have been a loyal 1P customer who bought a lifetime MAC/ Windows license. Again I am not asking for more features or something I didn't pay for. If 1P is willing to offer me a way to avoid paying the licensing fee I am happy to upgrade. If not then I would expect this signing certificate issue to be resolved.

    I am looking forward to options.

    Sincerely, Ray

  • Jack.P_1P
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    Hi @ww1plf and @rayf1P:

    While you're entitled to use 1Password 6 with the license you've purchased for as long as you can, changes to operating systems or browsers may change behavior or remove functionality. As I noted previously, our last update to 1Password 6 for Mac was May of 2018, nearly 4 years ago now. Keeping up to date with the latest version of 1Password ensures compatibility with the latest OS and browser releases, and staying up to date with those releases is the most important thing you can do for your digital security. At this point, updating to 1Password 7 for Mac would be the best option if you want to continue using 1Password in Chrome.

    Reaching out to us directly at [email protected] would be the best bet to discuss the options that are available now.


  • gillesarbour
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    Same issue here. I am using Chrome Version 99.0.4844.74. 1Password 6.8.9. 1Password extension I had to clear my cache yesterday for an unrelated problem and today it does not work. It still works just fine with Firefox. But I use Chrome everyday. Is there a solution with this older version?

  • Hi @gillesarbour:

    As I mentioned above, 1Password 6 was last updated nearly 4 years ago. As 1Password is a security product, we strongly recommend keeping it up to date, along with your OS and browsers. Due to the code signing certificate change, 1Password 6 for Mac no longer works in Chrome 99 or later.

    At this point, updating to 1Password 7 for Mac would be the best option if you want to continue using 1Password in Chrome. Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] to discuss the options that are available now.


  • ww1plf
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    Here is what i got from [email protected]:
    50% off your first 3 years' subscription
    TBH this is even worse than previous promotion for new customer.
    What we old customers ask for is life time free access to a usable product with no less function than what we paid for.

  • jinnes2
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    I agree with @ww1plf. A paid product switching to subscription model is a difficult transition, and the right way to handle existing customers would be to offer a free subscription. It's disingenuous to say "you can keep using 1Password6" when browser integration is probably the most important feature of the app.

  • rschletty
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    At face value, it seems like 1Password was in cahoots with both Apple and Google to effectively trash my perpetual purchase of 1Password 6 (thus far with Mac Safari and Mac Chrome v99 extensions). Other software companies are also nullifying "perpetual licenses". For example, Google's "forever free" G Suite with a custom domain is soon no longer going to be free. As of 3/17/2022 1Password 6 still seems to work with Firefox, so I guess I will be switching to this browser as my development tool. Shame on 1Password for violating trust. I'm sure you have plenty of subscribers to 1Password 7 to sustain your development efforts. I do not feel that 1Password 6 is vulnerable software.

  • sdfsfvwef
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    Hey guys, I bought as the others lifetime license for 1Password 6 and honestly speaking I was fully satisfied by it. I needed no any new features or such. Now you propose me to buy a new piece of sw by a subscription model just in order for to fix a problem. It's kind of extortion as you're trying to make a deal with a gun at my head. In my opinion that's unfair and dishonest business practice.

  • mroadter
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    I would like to add my voice to this complaint as well. I purchased a lifetime product with a set functionality, which is now broken. I don't need any new functionality, but would like the existing functionality to continue working. It was bad enough when the extension stopped working with Safari, but now Chrome? This is unfair to force lifetime customers to now pay for an ongoing subscription.

  • wpantagruel
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    Agreed! This is an outrageously horrible way to treat us customers who have been loyal for over a decade and were tricked by you into buying a "lifetime" license that in fact was soon to become useless! Truly terrible customer service and foolish to abandon your loyal customer base to grub a few extra $s! Shame on you.

    Since I now have to go through the effort of "upgrading" to a product that doesn't even let me host my own vault file locally, I'll take the opportunity to look around for a competitor since the "upgrade" is no longer seamless and painless.

  • jazbek
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    I'm also in this situation, I bought a lifetime license to 1Password years ago, and kept updates going through 1Password 6, when you switched to a subscription model with data stored in the cloud.

    As a developer and former user of LastPass (we all know what happened there), I am not comfortable in any way with storing my passwords on a 3rd party server. In fact, I switched to 1Password specifically because the passwords are stored locally. I do not want to switch to the cloud hosted version of 1Password.

    As the CTO of a software company, I am suggesting that perhaps you should fork 1Password 6 to a separate branch of your software that receives maintenance updates only to keep it working with latest OS and browser versions. Perhaps rename it to 1Password Classic, and do not sell more versions of it. Considering that today is the first time I've run into a breaking change in years, I do not think it will require much work on your end to do this.

    At this point, it's a different piece of software that you sold to a lot of your customers, and they prefer to use it over your other app. Customers have paid for this, please do the right thing.

  • Hi folks,

    I can empathize, and we understand the importance of making sure your data is usable across browsers. As you can imagine, the changing landscape of the software world and IT industry in general, makes it challenging to continue supporting older versions of 1Password when they no longer align with the security changes in modern versions of popular browsers. This is why we launched 1Password 7, and very soon 1Password 8 for Mac, to continue to scale alongside the industry.

    If it's imperative that you continue to use 1Password 6, then Firefox would be the best bet at the moment. Moving forward, to maintain compatibility with new versions of browsers, like Chrome, we recommend upgrading to 1Password 7. While we do offer the 50% off for 3 years for existing legacy users, you're welcome to reach out to our Migrations team at [email protected] to discuss available options.


  • mediadude
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    I have the same issues as many of the customers who have posted before me regarding 1Password 6 and Chrome on the desktop. What I find unusual is that while I have problems with my 1Password using Chrome on my desktop, all the functionality is intact on my iPhone and iPad. Seems to me that 1 Password tech could/should offer a solution for us legacy customers.

  • CPeabody
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    Just found this discussion.

    Appalled that once again 1password has pulled the rug out from under their customers. I was previously required to buy the "Lifetime Subscription" to keep using the product and now, once again, I'm required to pay if I want to retain the previous functionality.

    Sounds to me like they goofed when the offered the "Lifetime Subscriptions" and now they are looking for a way to dump the subs in favour of a pay as you go model in order to double dip.

    Well 1password (Agilebits), while I "empathize" with your situation, you have lost any future business from me. I will look for an alternative from a company that choses ethics over the bottom line.

    Shame on you :(

  • legacysubscription
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    My thoughts echo all the comments made in this discussion.

    1Password need to provide an update to the extension to be compatible with Chrome or offer a subscription to legacy licence holders for free.

    Has anyone had any more productive responses from 1Password?

  • mediadude
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    Why is it that according to my profile I have not participated in any discussions? Strange. It still doesn't resolve this ongoing problem for those of us who use version 6.8.9. As I pointed out days ago, 1Password works fine on my iPhone and iPad on native apps. I even tried logging in thru a web browser on my iOS devices and it worked fine.

  • Hi @legacysubscription:

    I'd like to dig into the history of 1Password 6 for Mac a bit. Spanning a little more than 2 years, 1Password 6 for Mac saw 32 releases, containing both major new improvements and features, and small patches and fixes. Additionally, 1Password 6 for Mac was a free upgrade to 1Password 5 for Mac, which itself was a free upgrade to 1Password 4 for Mac. In total, from the initial release of 1Password 4 for Mac on October 4th, 2013, to the final release of 1Password 6 for Mac, there were 55 releases over 4 years and 7 months.

    We're sincerely sorry for the trouble here. 1Password 6 for Mac was a great app and it's had it's time in the sun. We moved on to 1Password 7 nearly 4 years ago now, and we'd be happy to help you make the jump. If you decide to stick with 6, you can copy and paste your passwords over, or use Firefox.


    Filling on iOS uses a different method (Password AutoFill), and isn't related to the method 1Password for Mac uses to communicate with the browser extensions.


  • sdfsfvwef
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    you can keep using 1Password with Chrome up to Version 99.0.4844.51. You have to do 2 things:

    [removed by 1Password staff]

  • Hi @sdfsfvwef:

    We cannot in good conscience have steps on our forum to downgrade browsers. In Chrome 99 alone, there were 11 security fixes that that would be exploitable on an un-updated version of Chrome.


  • legacy
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    What an amazing attack of "conscience". Meanwhile, telling lifetime license holders to pound sand seems to get a free pass.

  • osong
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    hard agree with @jazbek. at the very least, open source the 1password 6 chrome extension so that community members who care about security (i.e. there is no acceptable hosted solution for passwords) can pick up the workload...

  • hanomag
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    I do believe that the decision behind this is more economical than technical. Why don't you tell us how much effort it would be to bring the chrome plugin for 6.8.9 back to live in a current chrome version? I can imagine that myself and a bunch of other users would happily cough up some cash to make it happen

  • Reddmeat
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    I think all of us would have been willing to pay for new standalone versions, none of us wanted to be stuck on 1password 6 for a lifetime. We just wanted a standalone, dropbox based password vault with no cloud features or monthly service fees.

  • Jack.P_1P
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    Hi @Reddmeat / @hanomag / @osong

    While I can't speak to the technical requirements it would take to continue allowing 1Password 6 to communicate with the latest version of Chrome, what I can say is this: we have made the choice to no longer invest resources into 1Password 6 for Mac. 1Password 7 for Mac was released 46 months ago, with numerous fixes and improvements over almost 4 years from then until now. As we near the release candidate of 1Password 8 for Mac, it simply doesn't make sense to invest additional efforts into 1Password 6 for Mac.

    Given this, our recommendations are as follows:

    • If you'd like to switch to a 1Password account (and receive 50% off your first three years) to update to the latest version of 1Password, reach out to us at [email protected].
    • If you'd prefer to keep using 1Password 6 for Mac, you're more than welcome to continue to do so, using either copy and paste, or the 1Password classic extension in a up to date supported browser (Firefox). At this point, we cannot make any promises on if Firefox will continue with its current signing certificate, but if in the future there is a change to the code signing certificate from Firefox, it would be expected that 1Password 6 for Mac would no longer communicate with Firefox.
    • If neither of those options are amenable to you, we don't want you to feel like you're trapped. You're always able to export your data and import it into another password manager. If this does apply to you, stay safe out there when selecting another password manager, and we'll be here for you in the future if you decide to give us another chance.


  • pjrobertson
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    Reddmeat, osong, hanomag, sdfvwef, you won't get any love from 1Password. Here are the options you have:

    This is frustrating, and makes 1Password 6 no longer usable with Chrome. Other than the option to 'upgrade to 1Password 7' already provided, for those that don't want to do this you could try:

    1. Downgrading to Chrome 98 from here:
    2. Switching from Chrome to another browser like Firefox
    3. Switching from 1Password to another password manager (Bitwarden, Lastpass, Keepass etc.)

    I went with option 1, not ideal but the best for me given the circumstances. I'm waiting for the flurry of comments to say downgrading is insecure, and a company that 'prides itself in security' can't recommend such a thing.

    Note to mods: if you do decide to remove the content, then please at the very least leave options 2 and 3 for Googlers out there with the same problem.

  • JuanB
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    +1 to everything said before by other users.
    I'm in the same situation. I paid a lot of money to have a "lifetime license" with support, until you changed your business model and decided to slowly and painfully force us to switch to your new subscription model.

    Please give us a solution. Allow us to fork the 1password mini so we can keep the development of the extension or give us a free license to a non-online version of 1password 7.

    I don't believe that "too bad, here you have a discount on our subscription model. Pay more if you want to keep using what you paid for" is a fair solution.

  • JustaUser1
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    @JuanB well said.

    Sadly I fear we are in a minority. I'd bet most of 1P's users are already on the new system and ready to jump on whatever upgraded version they push out. The average Internet user is not discerning enough about security to understand the issue of having all their critical life information with one company.

    By using a third party, it's adding another layer of complexity for any hack to be successful. If the third party provider where the encrypted 1P db was to be hacked, they would just receive an encrypted file which they would have to brute force to get the right combo. A very targeted and costly attack. However if 1P's cloud system was to suffer a breach for the login mechanism to the online accounts, to the encryption or some sort of internal employee breach, that's all that would be necessary to have everyone's info.

    Not caring about where sensitive data is hosted ( Apple, Dropbox included as per below) is like picking up pennies in front of a steamroller.

  • stan416
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    I respect Jack for continuing to come back to this discussion, with that said he's stuck in the position of trying to defend the companies financially motivated decision and make it sound like that removing support from a "lifetime" software is reasonable, because everyone in the industry has aligned behind the fact that subscription services are more profitable.

    Agile could very easily create a legacy product for the small number of people that would take it up, to honour the way they initially marketed the product and the people that served as their customer base to help them grow, and Jack I think that would be a great way to have people continue to singing your praises. I know you're offering 50% off for 3 years, but it seems the consistent feedback is that doesn't feel like a great offer. Their is a group of people, myself include who hate the constraints of subscription models. I think a more appropriate offer would be to be offer original product holders an additional one time fee to upgrade to newer software.

    Alternatively, I think while this small group is relatively powerless, we can certainly take to reviewing the company with our experience, or taking concerns to the Better Business Bureau if one believe it's warranted. May not do much, but at least you can feel heard!

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