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  • notro
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    What makes this especially frustrating is that updating 1Password 6 to be able to verify Google's new code signing certificate would likely be a trivial exercise.

    I get that the product is discontinued, and no longer supported. But there are clearly a good chunk of users still happy with it and just want the Chrome browser extension to work. And instead of a good will gesture to "lifetime" license holders, we get an upsell to a subscription license many of us do not want, and vague security FUD about why we should be on 1P7.

  • whatlifetime
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    Disgusting profit over customer behavior. I hope the team themselves know this is obviously wrong and wouldn't want this happening to yourself on products you own.

    Take a page from Amazon on how to do customer service.. Amazon still supports legacy firmware devices, and any plans to deprecate is to contact and ship EVERY legacy user free new devices, it's much easier in your case since its just software. You can also open source the 1password 6 if its useless to you and I'll happily do the dev work myself to patch this.

  • steveplz
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    On one hand I can sympathize with software developers who need to make a living but, on the other hand, given that this software's only function is password storage and entry I can't help thinking it is grossly over priced. What 1password wants for a family subscription is the same as I pay for a yearly family subscription for Office 365. A 5 user license of the Office Suite and 6TB of cloud storage is a tad more substantial than the 1password offering. I hardly think the two compare in breadth and complexity so why should the price? Perhaps if 1Password offered original lifetime license owners something like $20 a year offering we might be more amenable but I'm not holding my breath.

    I bought not only a family license for 1password at the time but also the same for Knox which Agilebits dropped altogether some years ago. Changing to an overpriced subscription model was a further slap in the face to customers purchases like mine helped keep the lights on early in the 1password life.

    As a result I recommend that all the loyal lifetime license holders do what I'm doing and look elsewhere. I'm looking at another product called Safeincloud to replace 1Password. The lifetime license price is peanuts, a couple of months 1Password subscription and supports Windows, Mac free desktop application and IOS and Android mobile platforms. Perhaps not as feature rich as 1Password and I have to say I miss some things like 1Password mini function but I'll adjust.

  • lindyheart
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    I just replied to the survey about kick-starting a self-hosted 1password server. That's a great idea, but you should have it ready to launch as a beta today. Unless you fix the Classic plugin for Chrome, all of us will have switched to other solutions in six months or whenever you think you'll have the self-hosted version.

    So my tip is: fix the plugin, save a bit of your reputation and some customers.

  • jrdimaur
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    Due to not keeping their promise on a lifetime purchase I have moved to KEEPER. I do not want to give more money to a company that will not keep its word.

  • daleaxelrod
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    So is the obvious Chrome workaround just to copy and paste "manually" from the 1Password 6 app?

  • locopelon03
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    Hi 1Password Employees,

    For those of use that had 1Password6 standalone version, can you approve us to have the 1Password7 standalone version?

    This will keep in line with what was previously done. While upgrading versions, your company gave us the option to upgrade the standalone versions from 3 to 4 to ... .

    Can you give us the ability to get the 1Password7 as a standalone version? I know with certainty that there was this option when 1Password7 first came out. We could have purchased the standalone version or the monthly subscription version.

  • locopelon03
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    sorry. i don't know how to delete this message.

  • n0sense0decency
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    The best thing is to switch to BITWARDEN. They offer a basic free account and you can import your data from 1password.

  • iflyforfun
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    I have been a loyal 1Password customer for years. I've also actively advocate for friends & family to setup 1Password subscriptions. I want to support 1Password and the cost is not a problem. I really think the work you are doing is valuable and worth a monthly fee. However, philosophically, I have an issue migrating from a lifetime license to a monthly one.

    I agree with others that releasing a trial update to 1Password's helper to check the new signature is the right thing to do. In fact, you stated that only security updates will be made to 1Password 6. This is literally a security update.

    The 3 years at 50% discount is OK, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I feel like you've done a bait and switch. I literally just want to use the product I've been using for years.

  • parrot
    Community Member look, mate, I've definitely 'ad enough of this. That lifetime license you buggers sold me is definitely deceased, and when I purchased it a couple of years ago , you assured me that it would stay with me for a lifetime, your reasoning for not supporting Chrome and your total lack of movement was due to you bein' tired and shagged out updating for each new version of Chrome , when the real reason is Mr Money f
    And ‘don’t go telling me that 1 Password is pinin for the fjords the E’s not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This software is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker! 'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies! 'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig! 'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisible!! THIS IS AN Ex1Password, and you owe me ……..

  • mvm
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    I believe at this time a decent thing for 1password would be to get out "lifetime" version of Chrome plugin, using Bitwarden-like browser signature verification. Since development costs extra, it would be OK to charge for it - once.
    Unfortunately, 1password decided to push users to SAAS model, despite moral ambiguities. I don't like feeling of being used, so if I am to pay subscription, it will be to someone else.

  • jumpingship
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    Joining the masses here; this is really disappointing - I am fundamentally opposed to storing my passwords on a server I don't control, no matter if they are encrypted or not. This is also becoming a requirement of my employer based on clients we work with. 1Password 6 afforded me total control over my password management, and I can say without even using later versions that version 6 is a better product feature wise than the versions that followed. Bring back local control, and honor my lifetime license.

  • mjb4450
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    I bet the fix to update the certificate would have taken less time and resources than replying with snooty comments about how we can submit a survey, buy cloud password software and what the definition of is is.. for lifetime. Shame on you 1Password.. I have literally referred you to > 50 paying customers to you all and ceasing to refer new customers to 1Password will far outway any money they could milk me for with v7. I will just continue to be reminded of their business practice each time I have to use Firefox or manually open the 1password software instead of using the Chrome browser plugin. Each time i get the emails from Dave Teare I will be thinking the complete opposite of what I used to think.. Loyalty and value to customers is less than AgileBits thinks we deserve. There is a way to resolve this and we will see if they change their stance and champion this issue or have it be the hill their many great years of work is to die on for the older loyal customers. How many of us really moving all to v7 could be worth this bad karma for them? We do not want new features, just update the dang browser cert. done.

  • moss
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    just want my voice to be heard.
    for things you're doing here actually is a big hurt to us and you've seen.
    1P used to be one of my favorite, the same as Notability.
    I've given up using Notability even though it has apologized.


    I would not accept any offer like 3 years free subscription 1P v7.
    You're not irreplaceable and I don't trust you anymore.
    Be nice to your other customers.

  • moss
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    Top 10 Alternatives & Competitors to 1Password

  • nicnic2929
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    I had the same problem and found myself here.

    I have been using it since 4 and when I had no choice but to switch to 6, I bought it because it was the "Lifetime Edition" and I am very disappointed that this happened.

    I understand the development cost and resource problems, but if that is the case, I think you should not have sold it with the keyword (Lifetime) that contains such future problems.

    I think it is inevitable to move to Lifetime 7, but I am also slightly concerned about the management's "because it can't be helped" excuse.

    I don't want to vent my opinion out of resentment, but I sincerely hope that things will be done constructively so that I can continue to use Lifetime comfortably in the future.

  • alanmason1
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    I just want to chime in, because I also have an old-style license. No, there is no obligation to help us. It's just a common courtesy to those of us who gave 1Password a chance early on. It was because of sales to people like us that the company was able to keep going. I'm a programmer, and I know it would take one programmer a day or two to fix this. Or, just simply permanently waive the fees – again, as a courtesy – and allow us to use version 7. This wouldn't even take programming, just a billing setting. Here's your chance 1Password, to do the right thing.

  • moss
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    I come to this page every day and wanna see if the manager has changed his mind and to fix the plugin.
    I would ask everyone who sees this message to give 1 start at the apple store/android store and anywhere you think it matters fo 1P, to push the manager to make any further decisions.

  • pmsfcto
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    Hi there 1Password.

    I can relate to moving to a subscription model and not supporting legacy software, too many resource constraints. What I can't understand is asking people to move to a completely different security stance by not allowing local vaults. I'm a CTO in San Francisco with hundreds of users and the one thing I can tell you is that your company is underestimating the conversations I've had with my peers about 1Password in the past month. We've all used your product and recommended it for years, but currently, we are all talking about alternatives, open source solutions or home-grown replacements.

    Your success has allowed you to live in a bubble and be blinded by the reality on the ground. There has been a sea-change with executives like me and our thoughts towards 1Password. This thread is the first one that is searched and found when people encounter this problem. I am happy to have a conversation with any of your technical representatives to discuss ongoing plans, otherwise you are most likely going to lose a $5k/month subscription from us.

    Please escalate this to the proper team, otherwise I'll just find them at the next security conference.

  • jazbek
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    @pmsfcto From another CTO - HEAR, HEAR!! See my previous comments, I agree with you 100%, I understand moving to the subscription model (though I feel like it's pretty standard practice to grandfather in your previous lifetime license holders... while that sucks, I could suck it up).

    What's completely unacceptable to move to this completely different storage model and expect your paid customers to just upgrade.

  • lawman
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    Add me to the list as well. A loyal perpetual 1P user since 4, and I feel cheated. This is asking for nothing more than the security updates that were promised. Disappointing to say the least, and 50% off the subscription model just doesn't solve the problem. May be time to cut the 1P cord...

  • OneMore
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    Same situation here. I have found this thread looking for possible solutions when updating Chrome. I have been a user for many years buying the "lifetime license". Goodbye 1password. Never more, you have lost another customer.

  • Alpinweiss_III
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    Adding myself to the line. I was happy customer for 1Password for over 10 years, with the family "lifetime license" for multiple Macs and iOS devices. I am not happy either about the current situation regarding Chrome extension, however I understand the security constraints and on the other hand also the business logic of 1Password.

    I can only hope amongst others, that 1Password comes up better than 50% off pricing model for their "lifetime license" customers. Losing good company brand quite often costs more than losing few thousands of customers. Thank you.

  • SerajGool
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    Also jumping on this all the way from Cape Town, South Africa .... Bought my "lifetime license" on the 25 January 2009. Have been a huge advocate for 1password and have sent many clients this way. But honestly I feel scammed right now! Lifetime is Lifetime! It's final! no exceptions! It's only fair that those clients who purchased the "lifetime licence" be given FREE access to 1password 7, not a 50% discount limited to 3 years. Why should we pay again???

  • chuglandis
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    Agilebits if you don't want to resource the update to the plugin anymore, fair enough, but in which case can you at least turn over the source code for the extension so the community can contribute a patch for the updated signature verification behaviour - this way you can prove that you're not simply using this as a way to extract money from the very customers who bought from you when you were much smaller.

  • Hila Schurr
    Hila Schurr
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    100% agree with every customer comment in this thread. Count me in as a another disgruntled customer who purchased a lifetime 1P6 license and is now unable to use Chrome. Offering us the option of upgrading to 1P7 and then telling us that 1P8 is about to rollout is also concerning. How long before v7 stops working?

  • Hi @Hila Schurr:

    The offer I've mentioned previously in this thread would be a migration from a standalone vault to a 1Password membership. With a 1Password membership, you'll always have access to the latest and greatest 1Password apps. You're more than welcome to reach out to us directly at [email protected] if you'd like to get the ball rolling on the migration process.


  • sDuisFJdmGAFyJzEr6nN
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    Adding my disappointment to the pile.

    Would you consider updating the support article to be transparent about what will actually fix this? It was a frustrating journey to try the recommended steps to no avail and then have to find and dig into this thread.

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