Chrome extension is not working



  • jeffyjaffajeffyjaffa
    Community Member

    Hey Jack @ 1Password. I've been using 1Password for about 15 YEARS.... us "early adopters" spread the word, and built the company up to what it is today. WE HELPED the company become what it is. The fact you can now pay "Ryan Reynolds" to star in your commercials, and the fact you're valued at over $6 Billion dollars is BECAUSE OF US spreading the word since 2006. And now you just throw us out on the street? I remember Dave Teare sending out emails in the early days saying how the customers meant everything. Maybe you should read some of those early emails. Now it's just all about the money. Shame on Dave.

  • chuglandischuglandis
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    everyone should just forget posting here in a nice quiet corner of the net where the staff can fob you off and take it to twitter. Its wild that they'll probably pay more in PR management than dev costs to fix it but here we are.

  • haitaomahaitaoma
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    Realy disappointing. A promised "lifetime software" only worked for a good 4 years.

  • woodennicklewoodennickle
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    @ag_chantelle - in an earlier post you state that nobody at 1password ever said it was a "lifetime license". When I sent an email about the Chrome issue, I got a long response from someone named "Wahid", the email included the phrase "your license for 1Password 6 hasn't expired (and never will)". Not the exact words, but essentially the same thing. Ok, I can continue using the app I paid for, but only if I'm willing to use an older, less secure version of the browser? It sounds like the issue is just that Chrome wants the extension to be signed. I have a feeling that's a pretty easy thing to do if you wanted to, but this is a convenient excuse to try to push people to the subscription model.

    I was also carefully instructed that I could get 50% off a subscription for 3 years, but only if I sign up directly through 1password, because otherwise "1Password is unable to assist with any billing inquiries such as credits, discounts, promotions and refunds". That's a little dishonest - the real reason is obviously because if I sign up via Apple or another party, you'll get less money. Apple would handle billing inquiries in that case.

    I get that you want to switch to a subscription model in order to have a consistent revenue stream, but I feel like this has been handled badly, and it's left a bad taste in my mouth. I feel the insulted by the way your support people communicated half truths with me, and if they had been more transparent I probably would have upgraded by now. As it is now, I'm on the fence. I don't trust the company after the way this was handled, and can't quite bring myself to pull the trigger on a subscription, even with 50% the first 3 years. Since 1password6 is now less functional than Chrome, which will also save my passwords and sync them across devices, I might as well just use that.

    I'm sure the company is fine, but seeing it so hungry for money raises a few yellow flags for me - particularly when I'm being asked to store my passwords in your cloud instead wherever I choose...

  • NicMNicM
    Community Member

    +1 to all that's been said and that your shift to a sub only business model was a big FU to folks who helped you lift your product off the ground, and folks who still believe in buying a full license vs. getting hooked on a subscription.

    Now the license is obsolete after you advertised it as "lifetime" and the product is becoming worthless. Your sub spam pop-up msgs are atrocious and you still can't get around offering the folks who got a license an equal upgrade path. I don't have any intention of subscribing, but wouldn't mind buying a license with some carry-forward guarantees. Other than that, your product isn't really a differentiator anymore with Google and others offering a great alternative cross devices...

  • dalepeakdalepeak
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    I hate it when a piece of software I've bought no longer works and isn't getting more updates. But at the same time it has always been quite obvious to me that the standalone purchase option was no different to the same option with other software products. I was paying a single fee for a particular version of the product. That version was mine to use without paying any further fees. There was never any implied support and updates for the rest of my life.

  • dalepeakdalepeak
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    Your license didn't become obsolete. If I downloaded 1Password 4 I could still enter my key and it would be accepted. The key works forever, but I am surprised that so many people thought buying a license key meant getting updates for the rest of your life. My keys for Microsoft products from 15 years ago still work, but I have no expectation that Microsoft will fix any bugs I encounter.

    That said it seems to me releasing a fixed version of the extension should be a fairly small amount of work and simply from a public relations point of view would be a reasonable goodwill gesture.

  • mb77845mb77845
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    I still cannot believe this browser certificate fix has not been done to avoid all of these long time customers from being so screwed over.

    I bet the fix to update the certificate would have taken less time and resources than replying with snooty comments about how we can submit a survey, buy cloud password software and what the definition of is is.. for lifetime. Shame on you 1Password.. I have literally referred you to > 50 paying customers to you all and ceasing to refer new customers to 1Password will far outway any money they could milk me for with v7. I will just continue to be reminded of their business practice each time I have to use Firefox or manually open the 1password software instead of using the Chrome browser plugin. Each time i get the emails from Dave Teare I will be thinking the complete opposite of what I used to think.. Loyalty and value to customers is less than AgileBits thinks we deserve. There is a way to resolve this and we will see if they change their stance and champion this issue or have it be the hill their many great years of work is to die on for the older loyal customers. How many of us really moving all to v7 could be worth this bad karma for them? We do not want new features, just update the dang browser cert. done.

  • uogeckouogecko
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    Very disappointing. I've used 1Password for many, many, many years and have promoted it to many 3rd parties who needed password storage solutions. My lifetime license is pretty worthless without this functionality.

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