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Hello, 1Password community!

I'm my family's IT person, and as a result, each of my family members has shared a 1Password vault with me. In my sidebar, I have my primary vault (which I use for almost everything) and family members' vaults (which I rarely ever need --- maybe once every six weeks).

Before 1Password v8 (7 and below), I was able to select which vaults appeared in the "All Vaults" view (and also search results). Unless I manually opened one of my family members' vaults, I only saw the vaults that I wanted to see.

In 1Password v8, I can't seem to customize the All Items view to do something similar. When I search, I see tons of results from my family's vaults, and the whole experience just feels very cluttered.

I do know that I can first click on my vault, and then do CMD+F in order to scope my search to my vault. But this workflow doesn't work well (at least for me!) with repeated use, and it also doesn't change the fact that when the app first loads, it often shows me the "All Items" view --- filled with entries that I don't want to see!

I also know that I can theoretically use collections to create scoped views, but despite months of effort, my brain hasn't been able to wrap its head around the collections dropdown menu, which has a flat list of lots of different pivots on the same data (e.g., the account items are hierarchically at the same level as collections, which confuses the heck out of me every time even though I rationally understand what's going on).

Does anyone have any recommendations for how I can make things behave a bit more similarly to the 1P v7 behavior, where I can scope the All Items view to only select vaults?


1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 13.0
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

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    Hi @brebre,

    Thanks for sharing your use case in such detail! I have a similar responsibility within my own family and, therefore, a similar pool of items I don't need very often. You're spot on that collections are essentially the same organizational tier as accounts, and while I understand how that can be disorienting, they're still my primary recommendation for organizing and viewing groups of vaults.

    It sounds like you're already set up this way, but to confirm, are the 1Password account(s) signed in to your app only your own? In other words, your access to shared data with your family is via vaults you both have access to, not by way of their accounts also being added to your app?

    In case it helps, I'll also share how I personally set up my collections and some insight in how in/frequently I use certain ones. Starting with the dropdown menu:


    And if I go to "Manage Collections" from there, we can see how my "Mine" collection pulls from vaults across both accounts:


    So in my use case, I'm using the "Mine" collection a majority of the time. It includes my private work vault, my private personal vault, and a vault I share with my spouse that contains data to which we both need access.

    The "Family" vault which is shared with other family members isn't one I need often. When I do, I opt to switch to "All Accounts" or my personal 1Password account in the dropdown, and select it from the sidebar under vaults. If I did want quicker access to it though, I could create a collection that contains only that vault, similar to how the "Test" collection I currently have functions.

    Since 1Password 8 keeps me in the same collection/account across sessions, I typically switch back to my main "Mine" collection (a name that has started to sound childish the more I've typed it here πŸ˜†) once I've found what I needed in another vault.

    I hope you'll keep using collections, and please let me know if you have any questions. πŸ™‚

  • brebrebrebre
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    Thanks so much, Andrew.

    You asked:

    are the 1Password account(s) signed in to your app only your own? In other words, your access to shared data with your family is via vaults you both have access to, not by way of their accounts also being added to your app?

    Yes, that's correct. I am only signed into my account, and I can access their vaults because those vaults are shared with me. (As a side note, I'd prefer to do this via accounts rather than shared vaults --- both for the reason we're discussing here and because it would work around the fact that each account's Private vault can't be shared --- yet I can't because the account switcher lists the family name rather than the account name, so they'd all look the same.)

    And thank you for the feedback. I've created a "Mine" collection, which seemed as good a title as any!

    To the extent that app feedback is useful, my suggestions for your future consideration would be:

    • Allow "collections" to sync to the 1Password X browser extensions. It's a little confusing that they only appear in the apps.
    • Allow users to set a default collection, so that it always reverts to my default every time I restart the app.
    • See if there's a UX pattern that could better differentiate between accounts and collections in the account/collection menu, rather then having them all appear as if they are the same thing.
  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

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    Hi @brebre,

    Thanks for confirming, and excellent observations! Ironically that's exactly why I asked, in case multiple accounts were the cause of any clutter on that dropdown menu. I recommend leaving things set up the way they are (only logging in to your own accounts on your apps), but echo your sentiment about default vaults. The good news is the option to set a default vault is currently part of our beta release: 1Password for Mac Beta Releases

    If you or your family are interested in trying it now, you can adjust your release channel in 1Password 8's preferences. Otherwise, I recommend turning on automatic updates so it becomes available once it reaches production:


    Regarding your other feedback, we do have an open feature request to bring collections to the browser extensions. I can't make any promises but I will add your voice to that and would welcome the addition myself. In the meantime, it is possible to customize which vaults appear in the browser extension's inline suggestions:

    1. Right-click the 1Password icon in your browser's toolbar
    2. Select "Settings"
    3. Select "Accounts & Vaults" in the left side menu
    4. Uncheck any accounts/vaults that you don't want to included

    You'll still be able to access these vaults in the browser extension, their contents just won't show in-line when fields are focused.

    I'd also like to highlight that the dropdown menu in the desktop app shows accounts with a squared icon whereas collections have circular, or a stack of circular, icons. I can absolutely see how folks might benefit from a more visible difference though and will share that feedback with the rest of the team. Likewise about having something akin to an "always open to" setting. I'd benefit from this too!

    Appreciate all your insight, please let me know if you have any questions and enjoy the rest of the weekend. πŸ™‚

    ref: IDEA-I-1097
    ref: IDEA-I-292
    ref: IDEA-I-1350

  • brebrebrebre
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    Thanks so much, Andrew! Also, that circle vs square distinction is very helpful. I hadn't noticed that.

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Thank you again for your feedback. πŸ™‚


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