Using 1Password to log into sites with multiple page logins?

Is there way to create a multi page 1Password login, like it were a macro, or have a pause until another page opens? I have a few sites where my username on one page, and after that is entered another page opens for entering my password. I've created two 1Password logins to handle those situations, but I'd like to have only one.


  • No, I'm afraid you can't do it the way you want. There is a guide here about creating multi-page logins which I'm afraid uses the approach you don't really like. Although it's for 1P3 I've no doubt it will work for 1P4.


  • I hope someday it is possible.

  • I had some success ( but not 100% on all sites) where the first login page wants only a username and the second page needs only a password. Somewhere in the middle is also secure image I have selected during setup.

    I use one 1P4 login with both username and password.

    On the first page only username is loaded from 1P4 login and I may have to manually click "Continue".
    On the second page (with my help by selecting the key icon on top right) the same 1P4 login enters only the password, the sequence is satisfied and and I'm logged in (or might have to click "Continue" again).

    Verizon wireless is one of those. I used to have two 1P4 logins for Verizon called "Username" and "Password". Then I discovered the trick above and now I have only one.

    Hope that helps.

  • Iairgame,
    Your info was very helpful. I got it to work using one login in 1Password, but I have to use the login again a second time to enter the password on the sites password page, just as Stephen confirmed. I did have to mess around a bit to make it work, and I had to place the password inside the web form data field in the 1Password login.

  • MeganMegan

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    Hi Mr.K,

    It sounds like you've already got some great advice here! In case you haven't already seen it, I just wanted to direct your attention to our instructions on 1Password and Bank of America. Although it's for a specific site, the instructions here often work for other two-page Logins.

    I hope this helps, but we're here if you have any further questions!

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