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  • jptrosclair
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    Want to see this feature on the galaxy s5 as well. you guys support it on iOS so let's get it built here as well.

  • Thanks for the feedback @jptrosclair! I'll go ahead and add your vote for fingerprint scanning on Android. :)

  • darKpoiSon
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    I'd also love to see Fingerprint Support with my newly acquired Galaxy S6 Edge :)

  • Thank you for the vote for fingerprint support on the Galaxy S6!

  • Manuelito
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    Longtime iPhone 1password user switched to Android.

    Please count me in as well, I use 1password on a Galaxy Note Edge.

  • Thank you for your vote to see fingerprint support on your Galaxy Note Edge!

  • peri
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    We are indeed currently working on a Lollipop redesign of 1Password, which I think will be really nice, though I can't say when we might be able to release it. Hopefully it won't be too long now!

    Quicker access to search is another thing we receive many requests for, and we're hoping to be able to get this implemented soon as well. We can't provide a timeline as to when we might be able to implement these features, since there are so many unforeseen circumstances which might alter expected release dates, or could even prevent us from releasing a new feature altogether. That said, I'll add your votes for all three features!

    Let us know if you have any other feedback or questions. :)

  • alistairlee
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    Longtime 1Password for iOS user here. I just switched to Android and I really miss the fingerprint scanner integration recently introduced. Please add my vote for this feature.

  • Thanks for the vote, @alistairlee, and welcome to Android! :)

  • jcat
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    With the increasing number of android devices with fingerprint sensors, it's pretty surprising to me that you haven't been speedier about implementing this. Typing in a 20-digit multi-character master password on a tiny keyboard multiple times a day just isn't a workable option. It would be great for you to make this a priority.

  • Thanks for the input. :) We are indeed aware that this is becoming a bigger priority as more and more users move to devices with fingerprint scanning abilities. Fingerprint scanning is definitely an area that represents an interesting opportunity to make unlocking your data more convenient. However, knowing that convenience and security are often at odds with each other means would need to seriously assess any security implications that come along with it on Android.

    Thanks and I'll go ahead and add your vote for this feature!

  • As someone with a little bit of an inside scoop on AgileBits, I can honestly say that we're not purposely demoting Android and Windows. On the contrary, we're working extremely hard to make up for being newer to the Android/Windows arenas. Since 1Password has been around for years on Mac and iOS, and is still very new to Android and Windows, we do have some catching up to do.

    Also, being an Android and PC user, I quite like our apps. I love the Auto-Type function on Windows, and I really appreciate the in-app filling implementation on Android as well, among other things of course. :)

    With that said, there is always room for improvement, and fingerprint scanning is definitely a feature that our Android users (and myself) would love to have. We do have an open issue regarding this, and our developers are looking into it. I'll go ahead and add your vote for this feature as well.

  • RichardPayne
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    @peri, if what you say is true then Agilebits needs to be a lot more aware of customer perceptions. As a company you released a new app for the Apple watch on the day it was released and yet, a year down line, the Android app is still waiting for basic stuff like multiple vault support, easy to use search and re-configuration without complete reset.
    It really does come across as if Android is a second class citizen here, whether that is true or not.

  • @RichardPayne We are very proud of our current version of 1Password on the Android platform. That does not mean our application is perfect and we do see a lot of room for improvements for the future. 1Password 4, our first fully functional application on Android, has been on the Play Store for less than a year now. Since release, we have brought several new features and improvements and we continue to work hard on making 1Password even better for our users.

    Our users are very important to us. We are always listening and every member on our team is aware of the top requested features our users would like to see in 1Password. I know you have been following us very closely since the beginning (thank you) and I’m sure you can agree there are a number of changes we made based on user feedback.

    We are working on a couple of great additions to 1Password, again, based on feedback. You will hear more from us when they become ready! :)

  • RichardPayne
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    @saad you seem to have missed the point. No one is doubting the hard work of the Android dev team. What is in doubt is the commitment of Agilebits to the Android platform as evidenced by the allocation of devs. The Android app is indeed new, so you would expect to have a larger dev team assigned to it than the older, stable iOS app, at least until they are somewhere near feature parity (ignoring platform specific issues of course). The reality is that while the Android team is still struggling to get basic functionality shipped, the iOS team is sharply releasing new gimmicks.

  • Megan
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    Hi @RichardPayne

    I just wanted to chime in here for a moment, and hopefully clear up any doubt about our commitment to the Android platform.

    Developer resources are allocated based on all sorts of factors (user base and market share are of course taken into account, along with a host of things I probably have no clue about) but I can tell you most definitely that not one of those factors is commitment. We wouldn't have released an app on the Android platform if we weren't committed to it.

    At the end of the day, there are never enough hours in the day to do all of the cool stuff that we want to do. (This seems to be true in life as well as in software development.) Prioritization is a necessary evil. But we are listening to all user feedback and prioritizing our fixes and features based on what users want. Unfortunately, some of the biggest feature requests are also involve significant changes to the app, and even the most awesome feature requests have to be prioritized in line with bug fixes.

    I'm sorry that you feel that we aren't devoting as much effort as we could to the Android platform, but I'm with Saad - I think the team has been doing a great job with this new app, and I’m excited for all the improvements currently in development to be in your hands. :)

  • RichardPayne
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    user base and market share are of course taken into account,

    I hope you're referring to Android's market share compared to iOS and not that of 1PfA compared 1PfI. The Android market is huge. IMHO there should have been a bias towards the Android team to push the new app into somewhat comparable state to the iOS app. Once there the teams can be re-balanced again.

    I'm sorry that you feel that we aren't devoting as much effort as we could to the Android platform, but I'm with Saad - I think the team has been doing a great job with this new app,

    As I tried to explain before, those two things are not directly related. As a company I think you're allocation of resources is wrong but the people that are working on Android are doing a grand job. There just need to be more of them!

  • Megan
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    Hi @RichardPayne ,

    I hope you're referring to Android's market share compared to iOS and not that of 1PfA compared 1PfI.

    My statement was merely meant to suggest that there are all sorts of things that the 'powers that be' have to take into consideration when allocating resources. I'd imagine that both Android's market share in general and 1Password 4 for Android's market share specifically are looked at, but again, I'm just speculating. I'm actually pretty content to not have to make the big decisions about how to split finite resources to do the most amount of awesome in the least amount of time. :)

    As a company I think you're allocation of resources is wrong

    As you know, we always welcome your honest and straightforward feedback. This really comes down to perspective and most of us (AgileBits team members included) are working from a perspective that is at least somewhat limited. We just don't know all of the factors here, or all of the awesome stuff that is being planned for the future.

  • Megan
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    Hi @sameerchavan ,

    I will be happy to remind our developers that you'd like quicker access to search. As a designer in the tech industry, I'm sure you understand all too well the joys of working with limited resources. I'm not saying we always make the right decisions when deciding which fixes and features to prioritize, but we do our best to ensure that we are working to build a secure and user-friendly app for our users on all platforms. We're always grateful for user feedback which helps guide our decisions. :)

  • manu_j
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    Please add fingerprint sensor support (Galaxy S6).

    Android app can be better but apart from the fingerprint support, I'm pretty happy with it. Typing a long passphrase is the most annoying part of using 1pw on Android.

  • Thank you @manu_j for your vote for fingerprint support. :) We understand the convenience of unlocking your vault using the fingerprint scanner, and it is something our team will be reviewing in the near future.

  • JMMR
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    Please could you speed up the fingerprint sensor support (Galaxy S6).... it is one of the most appreciated feature in Apple environment, and it has no sense to be so far when we used this Top of Range mobile with your App. Thank you. Any idea when could be ready?

  • Thanks for the feedback regarding fingerprint unlock. This is something we'll be looking into in the near future, but as we never make promises with regards to unreleased features, I can't give you any ETA on when and if we will be able to implement it. I'll go ahead and add your :+1:! Thanks!

  • rab72
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    Totally agree. User friendly and easy to use. Fingerprint support in reality one if the most important features

  • peri
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    Thanks for your input! I'll add your vote, as well. :)

  • Dumbledore
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    Hey guys... So now that Android is getting a new Fingerprint API, are you thinking about implementing fingerprint scanner support in 1password for android?

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  • Hey @Dumbledore. I've merged your discussion with this thread on the same subject. I watched Google I/O and it was all very exciting.

    Most exciting (for us at least) is that we do have news on fingerprint scanning in 1Password for Android. Check out our hot off the presses blog post:

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