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Can't access 1password.com when logged in as Guest User on my Mac.

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When I login as the Guest User on my Mac and use Safari to access 1password.com, all I get a white screen with "Error composing block page" in the upper left hand corner. I can access other web sites using the Guest User account, and I can access 1password.com with no problems as a regular user.

I have Filevault turned on, so I think that the Mac is booting from the recovery disk partition when I select Guest User. I'm running OSX 10.11.6.


  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Hi learning_1pw - Well that's not supposed to happen :wink: To get a better understanding of the issue, I just sent you over an email with instructions on how to send over a Diagnostics Report so we can look into this for you.

    When you get a chance reply back to me over there so we can work on this together :+1:

    ref: LRB-74585-764

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