Temporarily removing Desktop App Integration



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  • If this integration is done, that will make 1 password the number 1 password manager in the market. I moved from RoboForm to 1 Password and this is the only feature that is missing.. please add this integration asap.

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    Thank you for the kind words @sigure :)

  • Why can't you leave the previous app integration at least as an optional setting in beta before you roll out your new solution? Switching browsers is not an option for me and typing in my really long password every time I launch my browser is unbelievably frustrating. I love your app in every way but this issue alone is pushing me to switch.

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    @boskvich Every user here agrees with you. But don't worry, they expect "to add it back later [in 2020] for Mac, Windows, and Linux". So it's gonna be ready any second now right?

    This is one of those things where I get so frustrated. I'm not about to switch providers, because I really like the solution, but I have to say, my day to day usage experience was certainly more pleasant on LastPass since it allowed me to place the trust in my laptop security by storing the password to unlock the vault in my browser. I realise that that has risks, but my computer security is high so it didn't bother me. 1Password as we all know doesn't allow this, but you provided a much better solution with the integration... Then you removed that. It's now been 7 months since you promised "to add it back later in the year", the year has passed, so are we now waiting for 32-bit signed UNIX time to overflow in 2038, meaning we can expect this release sometime in the year 4058 using our current measure of time?

    I don't know, all I know is its incredibly unprofessional to behave this way, posting promises you apparently have no intention of keeping (there isn't even a new beta out yet, nor any word on why it's taking to so long), all the while writing apologies every time someone asks, and lining them with feigned sympathy (or real, it really doesn't matter, it comes off the same way either way).

    I understand that you hate hearing this, but it's getting pretty ridiculous, I mean we're not talking about rocket science here, it's simply encrypted http transport between a desktop app and a browser extension, some code to synchronise state through that bridge, and some code to request the desktop app start unlocking it's vault or provide values from it's vault.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @boskvich ,
    If you read through the first few pages of this discussion you'll see why we had to remove it to make room for a new, better integration.

    We definitely understand how much this is frustrating and are diligently working on the new integration. In the meantime, if entering your Master Password is too much of a hassle, may I suggest you change your Master Password to a strong (but easier to type) worded password?

    @rekoil , We've had an estimated date and we've missed it. We had a couple of more and we missed them as well. Software development (especially one that requires deep integration with the OS) is not simple and entails a lot of roadblocks. That is why we do not give out specific dates, and is why we stopped throwing vague ETA's such as "Soon" altogether. It will be ready when it is properly functioning and working without issues. We'd rather have it working on launch than releasing yet another beta feature that may or may not remain in beta for too long, like the previous integration did. :chuffed:

    We do appreciate your support and patience, and I assure you our teams are hectically working on these new features (and more). We've increased our development teams drastically since this announcement was first published and things are moving in a much quicker pace. :+1:

  • I'm a software engineer myself, as I'm sure are many others in this thread, and we certainly understand that software development processes take time, we're just frustrated because, honestly, I can't fathom this task on it's own being so difficult to implement that it would take 7 months. My only guess is that it's dependant on some other thing that is getting delayed, which is fine, although to me it mostly just highlights how ill thought it was to remove the well-working beta while you re-write the app from the ground up anyway.

    May I suggest that you lock this thread and re-open it when there is actually any new information to post? That way, those of us that subscribe to it will receive the information we are waiting for, and in the mean time, we avoid getting spammed by other users complaining?

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    @rekoil ,
    Indeed, this feature is dependent on several other changes (including to the native client apps for Mac, Windows and Linux).

    Thank you for the suggestion, I'll bring it up to the team but I'm not sure if we'd like to lock users out of being able to share/express their thoughts and feelings on the matter. We're here to listen, even if users are frustrated, and we will support you guys in any way we can until the job is done :chuffed:

  • I think what bugs people here the most was that you removed the old integration that was working fine before having the replacement ready.

    As a software developer I'm not buying the "we had to make room" argument. There's plenty of room in software and keeping the old integration (behind a feature flag) should have been completely doable. If there was some security vulnerability that had a deep architectural cause, that may be another matter, but that's at least not an explanation we've heard from you. In my mind... that would have been the only explanation that I would have accepted as valid (I'm willing to have my mind changed here ;) )

    Anyway, I hope this feature comes back ASAP. I'm very much looking forward to it.

  • @stfs Completely agree, if there were security vulnerabilities in the old implementation, I would have accepted that as well.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    There hasn't been any security related issues in the process of the decision making.

    The decision was explained in the original post here by Dave, which involved the best and brightest minds in 1Password, and I'm sure the reasons to remove it outweigh the reasons to keep it. We don't just pull features for fun, I guarantee :)

    It was a beta feature that never made it out of beta due to certain limitations, which is why we're rebuilding it from scratch.
    Thank you, @rekoil and @stfs for the input and feedback here. It is much appreciated and it keeps us pushing forward as fast as we can.

  • (Apologies if someone already asked a similar question and I missed it)

    Is it still possible to use the latest version of 1Password X that supported Desktop App Integration? Some of us may value that feature more than the improvements to 1Password X that have shipped in the last 7 months.

  • Why isn't everyone just using the legacy extension that works reasonably well with Windows Hello, until the new (X) extension is fixed? At least, that's how I'm mostly happy at the moment :)

  • Because we're not all Windows users? I use macOS and Linux mostly. There is an extension that works OK with Safari on macOS, I believe, but I'm not gonna change browsers for 1Password. Plus, last I tried it that extension didn't interact with the vault from within the browser, but kept everything outside of the browser, which wasn't the best experience if you ask me.

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    The classic extension is available for Chrome and Firefox if you would like to use it. Yes, it is all native, with no browser needed for editing. You would need the Mac app installed in that situation.

    Hang in there. I know I am also anxious to see the feature return.

    Get the 1Password classic extension

  • @rekoil Yes, the current Safari extension supports T2/Touch ID and has inline autofill. I am also unable to use Safari for non-personal use due to my need for browsing profiles within Microsoft Edge.

    @ag_tommy The 1Password classic extension talks to the desktop app and therefore unlocks with T2/Touch ID but the autofill experience is not great.

    I may have answered my own question in talking this through. If the latest 1Password X release to support Desktop App Integration didn't support inline autofill, I probably wouldn't want to switch back to it.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Agreed for the optimum experience, 1Password in the browser is the best at filling and having the inline menu in my opinion. I was a die had classic extension guy till a few years ago. Now I love the new version too much to go back. Well, except when using Safari. I switch between the two so much, it's all muscle memory now.

    I used this time to hammer home my Master Password into the muscle memory.

  • @ag_tommy

    Hi there, I am curious if you can tell me whether the [command] + \ keyboard shortcut works with the new version of the "in the browser" chrome extension? I cannot seem to get it to work with either the "classic" extension or the new one. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed 1PW, it is literally the #1 piece of software I have recommended to other people. But the current Chrome experience is really a huge step back. Can you explain what it is about the new version that has led you to prefer it?

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    The Cmd+Backslash keyboard shortcut works with the classic extension, not with the new 1Password in the browser :+1:

  • not with the new 1Password in the browser

    Why not? This is something I miss in the new 1PW in the Browser extension. I would love to use exactly the same keyboard shortcut I‘m using in the classic extension. 🤔

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    The new extension works with the inline menu instead than with the keyboard shortcut, but thank you for the feedback, I know this has been suggested in the past and perhaps this is something we can consider in the future :+1:

  • dtearedteare Agile Founder

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    Hello everyone, 🤗

    I apologize for being mostly silent for the last few months. I wanted to provide an update sooner but until now I didn’t have anything concrete to share that wasn’t already covered in this thread. And given how everything in life has taken longer in this COVID era I wanted to hold off on any announcements until we actually published some new releases.

    Thankfully I’m now able to share an update on our journey towards integrating 1Password with the browser: today’s 1Password for Linux beta release includes support for unlocking 1Password in your browser. 🎉

    Those on Linux can now enjoy some sweet new features:

    • Unlocking 1Password will automatically unlock 1Password in the browser
    • Restarting your browser will leave 1Password in the same lock state
    • Using biometrics to unlock 1Password in the browser is now possible

    These features are all very similar to what was possible with the experimental feature Mac users were enjoying last year. Where things differ considerably is the new approach is much more reliable and resilient.

    And of course the other huge difference is this is currently only available on Linux. I know most participants in this thread are Mac and Windows users so this is not quite the news you were looking for but it is an important step. It’s also temporary as we’ll be rolling things out to Windows and Mac users in the coming months.

    We plan on gathering feedback from our Linux beta family and continue gaining confidence in our new approach. Once we’re comfortable with things we’ll be rolling things out on Windows and then Mac.

    I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you exactly the news you wanted to hear just yet. If all goes well I hope to be back here again in the not-too-distant-future to share a similar announcement for Windows and then again for Mac. 🤞

    Thanks again for helping us to test this new feature and I apologize for things taking longer than we planned. Take care and stay safe out there! ❤️

  • rekoilrekoil
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    So, the feature that was Mac-only 7 months ago, that your Mac users (your stronghold "home" platform) had gotten used to, is now being released first for Linux, months before Windows, and then finally Mac users get back to feature parity with, what, a year prior? I appreciate the update, but are you trying to antagonise us?

    What you're writing sounds great, but this whole thread is about a feature removed from your Mac users, we haven't suddenly switched to Linux...

  • I’ll admit that I’m also very surprised that you choose to prioritize Linux, given that it is a very new platform for your software, with I guess a very (very, very) small percentage of your users base. You already announced this choice (for this feature) in a previous post, but still I find it strange. I know your final goal is to have the same exact features in every platform, but until this day arrives, it seems a good idea to retain existing customers before getting new ones. I sincerely hope that it’s not a new global strategy to make every new feature a "Linux 1st°. especially if it makes months if not years to go out of beta.

    To be clear, as I don’t want to be a platform specific evangelist, I would prefer if a new feature appears in beta, only when the beta is ready for every platform and not before. It could take a longer time for a feature to appear, but you would avoid frustrated customers like me, whatever platform is used.
    Just my 2 cents.

  • nickmcguirenickmcguire

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    Heya @rekoil & @tetardbleu 👋🏼

    As was mentioned at the start of this thread, one of the biggest reasons we were unhappy with the state of Desktop App Integration was a couple of reliability issues with the protocol. While it worked well for many of our users, there were certain issues we had trouble ironing out.

    While today's releases are Linux focused, they are meant to prove as a place to test that the work we've done meets the hard requirements we have for adding these features to all our platforms (Linux, macOS, and Windows)

    As Dave mentioned above, Mac/Windows support is coming when we feel confident about the approach.

  • It's good to hear there's movement on this feature and I'm guessing that having Linux users beta test things was chosen because they're generally technically savvy (good for bug reports), are a smaller group (fewer people to antagonize with bugs and yanking beta features), and desktop-integration on Mac OS Catalina and later is slow and painful (at least from what I've read; dunno about Windows).

    I know anything that involves desktop integration cross-platform and cross-browser will be pretty hairy, but I hope getting it out to the other platforms (at least in beta) comes asap.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Indeed, that's a big part of it @seren .

    Thanks for your understanding, support and patience :+1:

  • This article is so Mac biased. For owners of PCs running 1Password that article is just the thing that drives them crazy and hurts your brand. You name the article, "Temporarily removing Desktop App Integration" but conveniently omit the phrase "for macs" - because that's all you talk about. You just make the assumption as if the world revolves around you and Steve Jobs.... I'm not drinkin' what you're sellin'.

  • ag_yaronag_yaron

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    Hey @bsacco ,
    I think you may be replying to the main announcement in the first page here, but just a few replies above yours you can read the latest update which states integration has arrived to Linux now, and will arrive to Windows afterwards. Mac OS will be the last on the list of updates.

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