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v8 Ability to reorder/arrange fields



  • NetpogNetpog
    Community Member

    I suggest there's a systemic problem at AgileBits that facilitated the ill-advised decision to kill this feature: to little use-testing, plus inadequate user panels. MANY of us could've explained the impact of removing field-reordering.

    (And we'd have explained the dirt-common use cases. For example: A website now insists on a new URL for login. This new URL is now at the bottom of the list, and can't easily be made the default.)

    Similarly, consider the (unfathomable change) to SEARCH behavior, such that you can only get the previous behavior (which is also, I'm confident, the most-expected one) by hitting CONTROL+ENTER. I, for one, am stone-cold unable to learn this new keystroke and make it automatic.

    This decision, as well, strikes me as possible only after a too-introspective process. Introspective, if not solipsistic, because NO OTHER APP makes you use a meta-keystroke to get the most-obvious behavior for a search. (That behavior: showing a list of the results!)

    SUGGESTION: If you're convinced this is a good idea, and yet can also appreciate that it is irksome for those of us accustomed to the old way (in other words, for your most-loyal users), then why not** let us select the default Search behavior in Settings?!?**

    Another SUGGESTION: Give up the self-undermining devotion to pre-release secrecy, and tell us (or an NDA-bound panel of us) what's coming.

    Certainly, you can abandon your POST-release secrecy! Why not document the features you've removed, so that we know what to expect? Instead, we waste time struggling with the product, or looking for something that isn't there.

    I love your product. I trust it, and trust you. I've invested in my use of it, and clients & family have trusted me when I've pushed them to use it. Please don't betray those trusts.

  • FredericCFredericC
    Community Member

    I can only support previous post.

  • esquaredesquared
    Community Member
    edited July 2022

    This is now also, IMO, related to the inability to change field types or even copy/paste field titles. All three are needed to be a functional replacement for 1Password7.

  • skippingrockskippingrock
    Community Member

    I won't be upgrading to 1P8. This and too many other important features are missing from the side-grade to 1P8. I say side-grade because it's definitely not an upgrade, nor is it a downgrade, but a completely different beast, one that I'm still much too uncomfortable to see me leaving my using of 1P7. Maybe next year, but still really don't see it happening for me nor anyone else using my team's account. We have much too many custom fields and need to be able to order them in a certain way for training and ease of use. We copy templates of our entries to ensure our formats and orderings are maintained. Also we use 1P for way more than just password management. We use basically all of the categories and the default fields, labels and orders do not work for those that take it beyond the basic mom or pop just saving their Facebook password and user account ID.

  • TerylonTerylon
    Community Member

    Today I checked Dashlane, LastPass and some other apps to replace 1Password 8. Unfortunately all this app are not as powerful as 1Password 7. I don't want to be sad or angry. I want to use the app with all the known version 7 features, like @skippingrock explained, without workarounds using the mobile app or the web version.

    Not to forget, 1P 8 does not feel good on the Mac. In fact, the thing bothers me. I expect menu and site lists like in the Finder, like in Safari or Mail. Integrated and made as if from a single mold.

    Dear 1P team, please support 1P 7 as long as possible. I love 1P 7!

  • NetpogNetpog
    Community Member

    Thanks, @Leon Guan. I hear you. And maybe I'm a certifiable optimist, but I do think the 1Password team is sincerely listening, and are making a real effort. Yes, there are clear problems in their UX-design process and principles, such that v. 8 violated our expectations and backslid on that high virtue, Obviousness.

    And their usability testing is, clearly, inadequate, but almost nobody does enough of that most-inexpensive & -productive, but potentially-humiliating form of testing for interactive stuff.

    All the same, 1Password has come a long way since I started using it. Yes, v8 was a step backwards in many regards, but the product was barely useable just a few years ago. As it improved, I grew increasingly comfortable recommending it, and once v8 achieves parity with v7 I'll do so again.

    We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, I'm with @skippingrock, and am also avoiding v8, especially for clients, except for one machine (which is the one I use to inform my posts here).

  • Ivan_KIvan_K
    Community Member

    @Leon Guan just look at 1P 8 as a huge beta test where all the new tech is being tested. As most users - I am 100% happy with 1P 7 on all my devices. I am not in a hurry to switch to anything from it, since it already has all the features I got used to and love in my workflows, including collaboration.

    1P 8 could might as well be a huge test ground for 1P 9 that could be released sometime in 2023 and perhaps use Tauri instead of Electron (just a guess on my side). I am sure that at some point rearranging fields will land to all platforms and maybe rearranging sections will arrive as a real cherry on the pie.

    Thank you 1P team for the dedication, for the ongoing support and polish of 1P 7, for development that goes into v8 and beyond, for the support on these forums and listening to the user feedback.

    Thank you all the 1P users who write your thoughts and opinions about the app and help developers identify places which require attention for various reasons.

    Best wishes to 1P 8 and 1P 9... Long live v7 :-D

  • esquaredesquared
    Community Member

    @Ivan_K and @Netpog - I agree that we should view IP v8 as a beta, and that's what I'm doing, and telling my employees to stick with 1P7. The sad part is that AgileBits decided to release v8 as if it were a complete product and deprecate v7 to critical security patches only. Moreover, if you are a new user, you are directed to 1P v8, and the result is a much poorer interface, likely to turn off potential new customers.

    Sure, if this were new company and new product, and it would be fair and we'd all expect to see some agile-dev process and MVP mantras. But 1Password is NOT a new product - note the "8" in the version. And from what we see, and what @Leon Guan points out, the rate of fixes and features that are coming out do not match the velocity that should be expected.

    As much as I love 1Password, they should have known better than to release out of BETA a new product built on new tech that lacks so many of the critical features, and ignoring the advice of the beta testers when 1P v8 was ACTUALLY in beta.

    Now I repeat my usual mantra: I still love 1Password, and I'm not going anywhere, but to the AgileBits team: Please hurry up and re-implement the missing features so those of us who have been your advocates and providing free advertising can again recommend the latest version of the tool.

  • NetpogNetpog
    Community Member

    Yes, @esquared, that's very well said!

    I fear that these concerns, because they are not specific bugs but are instead systemic within AgileBits' processes, will not be noted by the team.

    That would be a shame, because these matters are more important than any bug or feature. Until they are addressed, they will continue to work to the detriment of design decisions, major roll-outs, and user-community loyalty, for years to come.

    And there are several issues that need attention: design process, beta-termination & deprecation decisions, user testing, usability testing, product-family consistency/continuity of UI & UX ....

  • garyhoopergaryhooper
    Community Member

    +10 on re-arranging Fields. Is there an ETA yet?

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member

    Sorry, no @garyhooper This is one I want myself. I'll keep championing for all of us in this thread.

    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member
    edited August 2022

    Hi folks! I have added votes for everyone who has requested one on this issue. Thank you for your input, and we hope that updates to come will impress you!

  • TerylonTerylon
    Community Member

    Like the 1P8-app for iOS where the sort function was removed too? 😂

  • didelerdideler
    Community Member

    I have to second what Netpog says, there appears to be a systemic problem at AgileBit.

    This regression in 1P8 been a long standing issue, and the only progress that's noted here is that votes are being tallied internally.

    How many votes does this issue have? How many does it need before a team or an individual contributor decides to tackle it?

    Surely it will have accumulated more votes than most of the recent changes released:

    • "We’ve added a + icon before the Add File button when creating a new Document item."
    • "We’ve fixed an issue that caused escape characters () to appear on either side of certain words in non-English translations."
    • "We’ve fixed an issue where the scroll position wouldn’t reset when switching between item lists."
    • "We’ve updated the button after creating a Document item to say “Add File” instead of “Add Document”."
    • "We’ve updated the way we refer to “Wireless Router” items in a few places throughout the app, like in the sidebar."
    • "We’ve lightly updated the appearance of the checkmark icon used when signing into a previously used 1Password account."
    • "We’ve fixed an issue where dragging an item wouldn’t be properly offset from your cursor."
    • "We’ve fixed a visual issue that with highlighted tabs when the app window was narrow and at the max zoom level."

    I'm sorry but I refuse to believe that any of these quoted issues that have been fixed had a higher priority.

  • rctneilrctneil
    Community Member


    I too really want this feature back. 1Password have publically stated, that this feature is coming (and that's something they do not do very often.)

    This feature (yes, I do agree it should have been in v8 from day 1), most likely is quite the engineering effort.

    Eg: Requires back end storage to be figured out. Needs interface designing and then implementing. Needs exports figuring out. There's a ton that goes into adding a feature such as this.

    All the features you listed are small to medium. Adding a "+" button, most likely is super quick but adds a nice little detail. Others are bug fixes.

    Just give them time and a bit more patience and i'm 100% convinced you will be happy when it does roll out.

    For now, just accept that some items have fields in a non 100% perfect matter. Does it really matter that much in the mean time?


  • YvBeekYvBeek
    Community Member

    +1 please add the reorder/rearrange fields option back!

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member
    edited August 2022

    @rctneil's characterization here is quite accurate. 👍

    I do understand that this has been longer in coming than folks would like (and it's a feature I'm personally looking forward to as well). But it is coming, and we'll really look forward to delivering it for you!

    @dideler: the issues that you've mentioned were indeed easier and faster to implement, which can matter for the prioritization of issues. But again, we've already decided to do field re-ordering, so that has taken a high place on our list.

    In the meantime, in what has 1Password been doing? news: we just released two entirely new apps last week, with subsequent point releases after that based on initial customer feedback.

    Why does this matter? Besides the obvious (new app! improved experience! actionable Watchtower! etc) this brings the entire generation of 1Password apps up to version 8. We now finally have a unified core code base across apps, and while UIs differ across platforms for obvious reasons, this still puts us in a better position to efficiently handle requests like this one, fix bugs as they come up, and build the things we already plan to build better and faster.

    And we look forward to making that happen and giving you the best possible app experience. Thanks again for your patience as we move through the changes. We do appreciate it!

    I have added votes for everyone in this thread who wasn't previously tallied, as well (thank you). 😃

  • JakeOneJakeOne
    Community Member

    +1 for this feature.
    I cannot explain myself how I feel because this simple mechanism is not available in the "new" version. A huge step backwards for a password "manager".

    At least I can rollback to 1P7 "for old computers".

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

    Team Member


    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • esquaredesquared
    Community Member
    edited September 2022

    I feel compelled to call out obviously untrue statements from earlier comments:

    @rctneil wrote:

    This feature [...] is quite the engineering effort. Eg: Requires back end storage to be figured out. Needs interface designing and then implementing. Needs exports figuring out. There's a ton that goes into adding a feature such as this.


    .@rctneil's characterization here is quite accurate. 👍

    There cannot possibly be true. There is no "back end storage to be figured out", nor anything related to "exports". This is ENTIRELY an UI design and implementation issue.

    Why do I claim that? Because I can run 1P7 and 1P8 side by side on different devices on the same account and re-arrange fields in 1P7 and have the changes instantly reflected in 1P8. Therefore, it's only the 1P8 UI. This 1P8 UI was not "fully baked" when it came out in beta, nor when it was released as a "complete product". See my earlier comment in this very topic. The entire effort to unify the UI under an Electron framework was, IMO, prematurely released, presumably to meet some arbitrary agile-development release cycle, ignoring the feedback of the beta users. Now, ABits is playing catch up and realizing how much they have annoyed the user base, but doesn't want to say that out loud.

    The problem is that the inability to admit one's mistakes, instead focusing on the "simplification of the UI" as a "feature" to justify the changes, implies that the existing users who have supported this product for years do not matter to ABits.

    Yes, I'm tired of waiting. Yes, I'm a long time customer. And yes, I'm still telling my entire company, for which I am the CTO/CIO/CISO, to refrain from using 1P8 because this and other missing features, as well as the refusal of ABits to even acknowledge the mistakes made in the rollout of this version. If they, ABits, were to fully come clean and admit fault (bonus points if they fire the product manager who let it happen), and release a complete roadmap for the return of this and other missing features, then and only then will I, and I bet a lot of other long-time users, begin to look past the mistakes and perhaps even accept the current feature-poor version called 1P8.

    Until then, I will continue to point out the failures and missing features, and advise that ABits not hide behind "+1" votes. I try to do so constructively, but without whitewashing. If you agree with me, I'd love to hear it. If you disagree, I also welcome your criticism. Let's debate this in the open.

  • juanmirocksjuanmirocks
    Community Member
    edited September 2022

    +1 to adding all the mentioned missing features (which were available in v7...).

    +1 definitely with @esquared for Agile Bits to release a roadmap.

  • cterrycterry
    Community Member

    +1 for this feature (i.e. similar to 1Password 7 where they could be rearranged AND it would use the favicon from the first URL).

    also +1 for making the webform data editable.

  • didelerdideler
    Community Member

    I don't want to speculate too much on the engineering effort required here as I don't know enough about the new platform and the trade-offs that have been made, but as a software engineer and founder myself, I want to point out again that this is a regression, it's an extremely popular request (listen to your users), and it can be released in iterations so we have 80% now rather than 100% all at once later. It should not be taking this long, that's a red flag. It's easy for product teams to fall into the trap of assigning themselves the small but low impact tickets for a high sprint velocity without paying enough attention to the user roadmap. I hope that's not the case here.

    I'm happy to hear that the feature is confirmed and I can't wait to have it back. I hope that with the unified core code base, new features such as this one which should be straightforward in theory, are faster to implement than before across all generations of your apps.

  • dmacxdmacx
    Community Member

    Let's collect the most important updates from the 1p-crew before we get our ordered fields. Shall we?

    The most important feature (because it's on top of the list) in the Mac Version 8.9.6-30 is:

    🥁🥁🥁 "You can now copy the version number of the app in the About section in Preferences." 🥁🥁🥁


  • AgarAgar
    Community Member

    Please have my voice added to this as well. Just had to re-order some entries, which requires to remove and re-add everything in the new order again. This was definetely much easier in v7 and should not be rocket-science to be included ;)

  • kpittkpitt
    Community Member

    Any updates on when this will be available? Add a +1 for me if you're still taking votes (I'd prefer +100, but I know that's not an option). It's hard to believe that this thread started 15 months ago, and there doesn't seem to be any hard evidence that we're actually any closer to getting it.

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