v8 Ability to reorder/arrange fields



  • Ivan_K
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    +1 for rearranging fields

    +10 for rearranging sections (now that would be a huge improvement over 1P v7)

  • Terylon
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    Dear @Ivan_k, yes, yes, yes. You are not alone with this simple wish. :-)

  • Steven78
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    I had written something about default vaults - and why it's so important - in another topic:

    By I added my +1 to the topic you linked here.

  • Thanks for adding a comment there and cross referencing the threads, @Steven78. And thank you everyone for your passion on the field reordering feature.

    1Password Founder

  • sxxxnx
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    (+) for rearranging fields
    (+) for rearranging sections
    (--) for dropping important and useful features when moving versions supposed to bring better UX: dropped field rearrange capability, dropped password generation capability from menu bar, dropped number of digits and special characters control capability on password generation - to name a few. Upgrade does not mean losing features along the way.


  • Hello @sxxxnx, thanks for your feedback here.

    I have filed requests on your behalf for:

    • rearranging fields
    • rearranging sections
    • ability to specify the number of digits and special characters in a password
    • and a password generator for you in the menu bar 👍

    ref: IDEA-I-372
    ref: IDEA-I-298
    ref: IDEA-I-618

    Thanks again for letting us know what changes you'd like to see us bring to the app. And if there's anything further I can do to assist, let me know and I'll be happy to help. 😃

  • AncientMariner
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    May I add my support to these retrofits of deleted functionality.

    After installation of V8 on a new PC I was confused why these functions were missing, and spent time looking for them, and then googling: It is horrifying to learn that it is a deliberate decision to release a downgraded 'Minimum Viable Product' with a dumbed down and less functional GUI to an established customer base. The click / tab flow of focus is also different in the GUI, annoying but I can get used to that. This is basic UX stuff and shows amazing contempt for an established customer base. Like many others I am seriously considering back versioning to 7 which does everything I need it to.

  • neun34tel
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    Also missing rearranging in 1Password 8. So yet another +1.

  • sxxxnx
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    And I just figured changing field types are gone as well. As voiced by so many in another topic: https://1password.community/discussion/126486/how-do-you-change-the-type-of-an-existing-field-on-an-item-in-1password-8
    I think I will go back to V7 as well.

    Something must have seriously gone wrong designing v8.

  • binarynomad
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    +1 i’m super glad to hear this feature is coming back eventually

  • Hi folks! I have added votes for this feature per your request; thanks for letting us know this is a priority for you.

    We appreciate it and are hearing your feedback. 🙏

    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • azptrqk3sz
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    +1. Please add this feature to all platform :)

  • ag_mike_d
    edited June 2022

    No problem @azptrqk3sz, your +1 has also been added! Thanks!

    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • aal
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    +1. Specifically, we need to be able to drag/drop reorder when there are multiple URL/website fields in a record, so that 1Password goes to the right website page by default.

    This work in version 7 of iOS, but does not work in any version of 1P 8, and it does not work at 1password.com either. Thanks!

  • Your vote has now been tallied, @aal. Thank you for your input on this issue!

  • minion1066
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    +1 for reordering fields and sections. This existed before on macOS and was removed in version 8. Not nice removing features.

    Additionally, this breaks feature parity between macOS, iPadOS, and iOS. Reordering still works on iOS and iPadOS, but frustrating that I have to go to my mobile devices to fix something that can NO LONGER be accomplished on the desktop.

    I am a longtime customer since the days before subscriptions when we purchased our applications separately. Removing a fundamental feature such as this without replacing it has me wondering if I should be seeking for a new password vault software.


  • Netpog
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    The loss of field-reordering is an everyday tax on my productivity. Here's why this feels like a betrayal:
    My use habits for 1Password were based on the assumption that I WOULD have this feature. As a result, I store all sorts of account codes et al in my login items.
    But now it's a real pain to find newly-added fields, because they can't be inserted in any logical order. For example, if I have two very- similar fields (Xfinity account# versus Xfinity-Mobile account#) I'd like to see them next to each other, instead of having to look around.

  • Goldfinger
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    +10 on re-arranging Fields. Is there an ETA yet?

  • Hi folks, thank you for the additional votes here (I have added them to the existing total). I don't have any updates on this at the moment, other than to say that it's prominent on our priority list and we'll be sure to announce in the forums when we have more to share on this. Thank you for letting us know that this is a priority for you. We'll keep the improvements coming!

    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • esquared
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    @PeterG_1P - thanks for the minor insight into the priorities list. I get not wanting to make promises that you might not be able to keep, but I increasingly find these forums to feel like black boxes - I throw in my comments or suggestions or bug reports, and in return I get "We hear you and sorry it's not working" or "I'll record your vote/input/comment". Those sorts of attempts to placate your users who pay for the service is, in my opinion, disrespectful at best. We are spending time debugging and commenting on the Beta releases, and I feel as if we all deserve a bit more than that. Some form of roadmap or some way of understanding the process behind this would go a long way towards repairing the damage done to the community and to your brand by releasing a new version of 1Password missing so many previously existing features that are clearly in great demand.

  • FredericC
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    I also share your frustration. I was really surprised when 1password get out of beta, to my mind there were still a lot of elements that needed to be fixed before being ready for public version. Sure a lot of work was done, specially in the visual elements of the app, even if it is still poorly visual app compared to previous versions that won Apple Design Award in the past.
    But some basic stuff as reordering elements are still not implemented more than a year after getting this thread open.
    I don't know how 1password use their own app if they don't lack this feature enough to not make it available. And we are not talking about a new feature there but something that is already existing on previous version, they know how to make it at least as good as it was previously.
    A lot of feedback was done by customer during beta, loosing their own time to test the app they are paying for. And the features missing doesn't give a good image of the attention this product deserves.
    sad sad sad :(

  • Tertius3
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    I don't have any updates on this at the moment, other than to say that it's prominent on our priority list and we'll be sure to announce in the forums when we have more to share on this.

    Well, the thread is now one year old. Every v7-related item like this, that has been addressed in the first days after the first early access release, has been added months ago, but this seems not as much a priority for you as it is for us. For me, it's a thing I miss in my workflow almost every time I edit/add to some entry, and it wastes time for me every day I work with entries that have randomly placed custom entries. If you provide the functionality to add custom data fields, it's not a feature to be able to move them to where they belong, it's a bare necessity and considered a bug, not a missing feature, if this is not working. It's like a text editor where you're unable to add text in the middle of existing text! The last time I encountered such an editor was 40 years ago.

  • PeterG_1P
    edited June 2022

    Hi folks,

    I can understand your frustration, and am doing my best to help.

    @esquared mentioned:

    I increasingly find these forums to feel like black boxes - I throw in my comments or suggestions or bug reports, and in return I get "We hear you and sorry it's not working" or "I'll record your vote/input/comment". Those sorts of attempts to placate your users who pay for the service is, in my opinion, disrespectful at best.

    That's certainly not our intent. We do have a policy of not announcing features before they're released, and that naturally limits what I'm able to share with you. But in this case, we have replied that we acknowledge and are responding to customer demand for this. Per Dave Teare's previous post, we've already shared that:

    • This feature was not included intentionally with the initial release of 1Password 8, as part of a general design philosophy that aims for elegance and simplicity.
    • We received a lot of feedback that, design philosophy notwithstanding, people really need this feature. OK, we hear that and respect it. 👍
    • We changed course: a team was assigned to develop this feature.
    • That team is working on it right now.

    I can really appreciate that there are concrete use cases where this feature helps considerably. That's part of why I'm personally looking forward to its return.

    So, the digital hammers are at work on the digital anvils. We'll look forward to sharing more with you when we're able to, and we're pushing improvements out as fast as we can reasonably build and test them. Thanks for your patience on this - I promise we are hearing you and working to meet your needs.

  • esquared
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    Hey @PeterG_1P - thanks for the comments. Especially for the explicit acknowledgement that this particular feature is absolutely needed. It may mar someone's interpretation of "elegance and simplicity", but until there is a DWIM button or an AI that works 100% of the time, we'll all have to accept some compromise solutions that allow users to regain productivity, even if that may not look as streamlined.

    I also acknowledge the desire to keep future plans somewhat secret, but as I noted in other threads, there are a number of features from 1P7 that were removed from 1P8, and that I and others regularly comment upon and wish were back. Most recently I wrote this: https://1password.community/discussion/comment/647109#Comment_647109

    I really think it would be wise of AgileBits to explicitly acknowledge (and apologize) for the missing features (e.g. reordering, editing field types, generate password on the menu-bar, fixing search, and others). That and, where possible, provide the list of features for which you have, as you say, "changed course". Doing so will quiet the masses if they can see even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. As it stands now, the tunnel feels more like a bottomless pit into which we throw our "+1"s, and I fear some users are going to get permanently turned off.

    That said, and so I don't end on a negative note, I'll repeat what I've said elsewhere: I LOVE 1Password. I still recommend it, and I still require use of it by my employees, but I tell people to stay with 1P7 for now. Please let me be your advocate for the new version by addressing the issues raised here and elsewhere. I want 1Password to be the paragon to which all other similar tools aspire.

  • dideler
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    I recently went from 1P7 to 1P8 and while I haven't noticed any obvious improvements, I've come across some obvious regressions. Most notably (a) not being able to drag and drop fields and sections to rearrange them, and (b) worse integration with Safari, it feels buggy and doesn't always work - I was using the macOS app <> Safari integration with 1P7 but now I have to use the Safari extension with 1P8.

    Glad to hear the first regression is actively being worked on. Having to currently create new fields and delete existing ones to rearrange the fixed content is very painful, and risks accidentally losing data.

  • randyoyarzabal
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    I am a long-time 1password user. I am new to the subscription-based version 8, and this is a feature I really really would like to see again, please. +1

  • Noted1 Thanks for letting us know this matters.

  • Fury
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    Just encountered this with identity - fields can't be moved. +1 for me. Please.

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