v8 Ability to reorder/arrange fields



  • jakewowjakewow
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    Wow just gone through this thread.. it's over a YEAR old.. absolutely insane.

    +1 to this feature. Jeez.

  • dpneumodpneumo
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    +1 for this feature. Fix it. Please!!

  • automatomautomatom
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    edited October 7

    Created an account on this forum specifically to +1 this feature. 1Password 7 had a crazy obtuse section-subsection-subfield system but at least you could get things how you like it and then forget about it. If there are big technical problems with syncing across devices when this happens or something, then "rearranging" could be a super hardcore mode that locks everything down until the user is finished, I dunno.

    EDIT: Oh, new sections go above existing sectionless content? That reads wrong because the (+add more) button is below sectionless content. Everything gets added from top to bottom, and sectionless content is always inherently at the bottom, got it.

    I've been using 1P for a long time now and have many hundreds of passwords and got very used to it, so some aspects of this (beyond just inability to rearrange as the thread is about) is coming off jarring and unintuitive to me. I'll get used to it I guess, but food for thought maybe.

    EDIT 2: It's not /too/ annoying to recreate everything in the proper order from top to bottom, but, I have a ton of multi-section items imported from 1P7, and I am not looking forward to them if I ever feel the need to rearrange them

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

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    edited October 11

    Hello @automatom - I appreciate you cross posting from this thread.

    I've included votes for you as well as @jakewow and @dpneumo. Thanks for your feedback all!

    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • FredericCFredericC
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    Is there a place where votes for feature are stored and is it public ? It as been months people are asking for this feature to get back. Each time the answer is "I added your vote", as if it was a kind of democratic system. How is the voting system working ? How many votes this feature have across all plateform ? What feature have more votes than this ? (perhaps broken search or orion support ?) How a number of vote for a feature is transformed in a real stone on the roadmap ? Why isn't there public ETA for features asked ? why is it still a vote counted and not a "working on this yet" ?

  • Ivan_KIvan_K
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    edited October 13

    @FredericC at the moment this thread has 185 replies (now 186) and 3.1k views. And this is not counting the same issues raised in other threads.

    It does look like this is the most requested feature at the moment (or at least it is in the top 3 most requested features).

    There were tons of votes added...

    This all is actually reminds me of a typical "democratic system" that is available today in most countries, especially those who portray them as democratic... so...

    Meanwhile - there is no 1Password 7 in iOS App Store anymore. v8 is clearly not ready for mostly the same reasons. I am one of those users who does not fully move to Agilebits cloud not because I trust such system less, but because v8 apps are just... really not there yet.

    Would be interesting to see which features users of v8 prefer over those available in v7. Browsing this forum it does not look like there are many. Feels like for most Mac users v8 either does not offer any benefits to v7 or in fact is a regression. Well, this is just my speculation.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hi folks - we appreciate your questions and continued feedback about the feature request process and specifically, the ability to reorder/arrange fields.

    We do not have a public place to view different feature requests or the number of votes each request has received. We advocate for customers by casting votes internally. These feature requests are then reviewed and considered for promotion by the product team.

    We tend to play our cards close to the vest, but I can say that this feature is one of the more highly requested. That said, this is defiantly something on our product team's radar, but at this time, I don't have any specific timelines to share about this feature and when it might make it into 1Password 8.

    Thanks for your continued patience.

    ref: IDEA-I-372

  • Ivan_KIvan_K
    Community Member

    @ag_mike_d Hello Mike.

    The thing is - @dteare himself (Founder of 1Password for those here who might somehow not know this) has put ++ for this feature on May 16.

    That means: there is basically no more room for "promotion consideration" for this particular feature request.

    The only thing that was requested even more than this seems to be support of local vaults. Agilebits made it clear long time ago with official statements that the only way forward are vaults in Agilebits cloud.

    I have not seen a single request, so old as this one, with as many views, comments and plusses, with support from the top executive - as implement ability to rearange fields in v8, like it existed since at least v4 (thats since when I am on board of 1P ship). Anyone?

    The fact that you write "when it might make it into 1Password 8" just makes it feel like:

    a) For whatever reason 1Password team is not implementing this feature and just wants to "wait out" until "people get over with this". (Why? What is the reason?)
    b) 1Password team does not care about real customer wishes. (That would be... just a terrible thing for the community)
    c) There is some technical issues that 1P engineers cannot overcome and thus cannot implement this feature (this would be tough to believe in, taking into account all the functionality that 1Password has today).
    d) 1P team work on this, but for whatever reason do not want to bring good news in the form of confirming that "this is coming 100%, just not ready yet".

    Thats it. I am out of ideas.

    And the sad story: none of the possibilities that come to my mind make me happy as user.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member


    This has indeed been promoted by product (and as you say, has been endorsed by Dave). As such, I have a high degree of confidence that it will happen. What I can't say is when.


  • Ivan_KIvan_K
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    Thank you, Ben.

    Will just wait and stay on v7 meanwhile. Hope it will have no issues running on macOS Ventura.

    Community Member
    edited October 19

    +1 :-(

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hi @BLD, I'm sorry I missed this comment, but would like to confirm that I added a +1 from a related thread here.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • wolfspyrewolfspyre
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    not to argue the ratio of hard vs hard vs challenge vs bugs vs mind that leopard...

    no seriously watch out for that leopard.


    it might be nice to have separators....

    or just lists of this kind of thing
    or be able to create a default list of attributes for this type of thing

    or type validation...
    ... I'll just see myself out...


    ( hopefully you're giggling at least? :) )

    Thanks for the all the efforts...

    The balancing of the myriad needs of the world we're all in...
    ... and yet still keeping the gears moving as gracefully as possible.

  • gnoskognosko
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    +1 I don't think reordering sections has been an option previously (although that would be amazingly helpful), but reordering items is something I have used very frequently and that ability is missing from v8.

  • NEO_NEO_
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    edited October 26

    Okay... So after 2 hours of screaming, pulling my last few hairs, crying and a flying coffee mug I found this thread. My mind is somewhat blown that this is not possible. 🤯 Sure, maybe it didn't make first release but how can this still not be possible? From a programming standpoint it must be one of the simplest things to implement? 😑 But I assume that it's more complex than what it looks like since it hasn't been implemented... It's extra silly since the "add more" and "add section" that's at the bottom in an items "card" doesn't really add the new section at the bottom, but 1 up from the bottom. 🥵

    +1 me for this. Or heck, +1000 me.

    edit The issue about 'add more' and 'add section' seems to be that a section is added above a "stray" field. Probably by design.

  • AboveAllAboveAll
    Community Member

    I wish I could yell at someone about this, but my venting would profit no one... So the SOLUTION to this problem IS to install 1PW7 alongside 1PW8 and keep using it if/until the development team is able / wanting to act on this.

    I have been begging that several "removed features" be put back into 1PW8. But... when we reported these to be what we thought surely had to be bugs, from the support responses, we were quickly shocked to learn that these feature reductions were considered purposefully implemented product improvements.

    The only added/improved features in 1PW8 in which we actually find value are the search filtering, the CMD-Shift-Spacebar, and the way it auto-fills in the default browser both on desk and mobile; these are awesome features and improvements for everyday use.

    The missing features from 1PW7 are begrudgingly missed by every team member at our company. And while the "oooooh and aaaaah" of the 1PW8 facelift is "nice and shiny," we simply prefer functionality and usefulness over aesthetics. Not to mention 1PW8 frequently crashes and restarts on literally every system here, so we consider 1PW8 still a beta version.

    As for managing what's in the database, we still have no choice but to use 1PW7 it is a far better tool for this.
    And finally, about every six weeks, I get so frustrated with it that I start looking at other options... but still, when using both 1PW7 & 1PW8 together, 1Password is better for our needs than the competition we've tested.

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi folks,

    To reiterate: I have a high degree of confidence section reordering will be making a showing in 1Password 8. I just don't have a definite timeline that I'm able to share just yet. It is absolutely on the to-do list.


  • MrCMrC
    Volunteer Moderator

    This too is one of my gating items for updating my main system to v8.

    I fully recognize that a significant amount of work is required to get this done, beyond just the UI portion (such as updating the import code, template handling, etc.). I've accepted that it comes when it comes.

    The other gating item is setting the default vault.

    No need to reply to my comment - I know you are all busy.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Thank you as always for your feedback, @mrC. We are looking forward to bringing field reordering to a future build of 1Password as soon as possible!

    @aboveall, you mentioned:

    1PW8 frequently crashes and restarts on literally every system here, so we consider 1PW8 still a beta version.

    Crashes should certainly not be happening, and we don't consider this acceptable or expected app behavior. Our team would be happy to assist you with resolving this - do reach out to [email protected] if you're still encountering issues, and we'll start up an investigation. We're here for you!

  • karykary
    Community Member

    Is there any schedule to add back the reorder/arrange fields function?

  • Ivan_KIvan_K
    Community Member

    @kary the last post by Ben mentioning "It is absolutely on the to-do list" make me feel like we are going to see it land in 2022 (just my speculation).

    Overall it is great news, since all prior comments made it looks like this crucial feature is only under consideration. Now we have a confirmation that 1Password team is working on brining field reordering function to v8.

    Have a nice day everyone and thank you for the update @Ben !

  • Tertius3Tertius3
    Community Member

    the last post by Ben mentioning "It is absolutely on the to-do list" make me feel like we are going to see it land in 2022 (just my speculation).

    Really? This year is over. Beta updates trickled down to just refining and mini bug fixes, so I guess we get it as new stable v8 release by the end of the year, then Christmas holiday. Given the full year of total silence since v8 early access, then total lack of commitment about this issue except "we've seen it" and "I think this function will make a showing" I would be surprised if it will surface even 2023. It was simply not on their roadmap and not possible to squeeze it in.
    Last year was v8 desktop release. No field reordering. This year was v8 mobile release. No field reordering. Next year is probably corporate features that were neglected for the last 2 years. Probably no field reordering either.

  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

    I seem to remember on one of their AMA’s on Reddit in the last couple months one of the team commented saying the code for it hadn’t even been started. Or maybe it’s a side project. This ain’t happening any time soon.

  • didelerdideler
    Community Member

    @chris55 that contradicts what one of the co-founders said on May 4 2022, as he apparently saw an internal demo of it in action.

    I'm still baffled that it has taken this long. There's tons of separate discussions on the forum about this feature. Probably the most requested feature in 1P8.

  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

    @dideler It could be possible that the “demo” could have been an edited video rather than a screen recording if that makes sense? Or I could be talking rubbish about what I seem to remember.

    I find it unbelievable there was a working version over 6 months ago and it’s still not in the apps.

  • FredericCFredericC
    Community Member

    1P8 is compatible with fields ordering out of the box. You can use 1P7 to sort field and with 1Psync, fields will be ordered in 1P8/1Pcloud. 1P8 only lacks the UI that would allow users to directly change the order of elements.

    From few different 1P sources it appears that there was a demo in may and since around this time someone is working on a solution. I think it was a working demo( proof of concept on new 1P8 electron architecture) but with no UI, no settings… As 1P7 already have this feature and field ordering is already a thing under the hood, making a quick demo is "not that hard". But getting a correct UI is very different and requires quite some work(really), specially if 1P8 was not planned initially to get this feature.
    As 1P8 is "unified" accross all plateforms now with the same UI across the board, the oredering stuff have to get done accross all plateform simultanously and should be identified as an ordreing tool for Mac / Windows / Android etc. It surely require a little of time.
    As this feature is not important for Agilebits (was not in 1P8 v1) it is a low planned feature.

    I'm personaly very disapointed by the schedule. 1P8 was launched with a great article about Electron, unification of code that would allow dev team to work on a single core code, lot of elements that would make us believe that it would allow 1P8 to make quick devs and not be slowed by multiple plateforms dev. We (users) sacrified for that MacOS native UI, get a RAM hungry app (80Mb -> 300Mb), removal of previous features, regressions on the tool…
    1P8 is now avalaible since monthes on all plateforms but only very few bug fixes have been done. And a simple feature as field ordering is still not a thing, even in Nightly / Beta build… Search is still broken, still impossible to change the nature of a field…

    My only hope is that the label ordering has been slowed because of a stronger implementation. 1P7 was allowing field ordering but not Section ordering. I really hope that section ordering will also be a thing, and it can be harder thant just field ordering 🤞

  • Ivan_KIvan_K
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    @FredericC if section ordering will be possible - that would be just great indeed. And yes, changing field type is also pretty much a must feature from v7 and search...

    Well, v8 is slowly improving. I am sure these things will be ironed out eventually.

  • viswizviswiz
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    Looking at the extremely slow development pace I'm wondering what is happening at AgileBits. It took ten months to get sub string search back. An essential feature that should have been included right from the beginning on. The implentation of an auto submit toggle took a year - a small feature that could be implemented within a couple of hours. Something we don't know keeps the development either busy or distracted.
    The big announcement of 1PW8 last year made it quite clear that they have chosen electron to make it easier for their developers and not better for their customers. Lots of feature were not reimplemented and many others are usability nightmares, e. g. menus/buttons instead of drag and drop, functions deeply hidden within dropdowns,...
    I'm still wondering why someone thought it's a good idea to sacrifice native UIs by a full custom UI even ignoring most basic things like the totally out of place window closing X top right on the fake preferences window on macOS. 1PW8 is one of the better electron apps but it's nowhere the look and feel of 1PW7.
    In my dreams the development team is busy creating 1PW9 using the current rust core implementation with platform native UIs that are designed by the same person who did an almost perfect job on 1PW7.

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