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Android App looks great! Tried on both Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 (2012) and both look well!

As someone else said, the lists have a little bit of lag when first loaded. Once the full list has been scrolled it's fine though.

One thing I would really like to see is Google Drive Support! I use it over DropBox these days and have had to resort to installing DropBox on Mac and Android devices just to allow me to sync 1Password.



  • saad
    edited December 2013

    Hi @mikedmontgomery!

    I am happy to hear you're liking 1Password on your Nexus devices! We've had a few requests for Google Drive integration and while I can't promise anything it is certainly something we're considering for the future. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)

  • DanCarl97
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    I'd also like to see this option. Personally, I use Google Drive to sync documents, etc. and ditched Dropbox a while back (got a lot of dodgy spam invites). I've had to install a new Dropbox just for 1Password. I'll make use of it somehow! :)

    It would be great if we could use Google Drive instead (and SkyDrive for those of whom use Microsoft's alternative).

  • Hey @DanCarl97! Thanks for your feedback. We received many requests for Google Drive support and our developers are definitely looking into it.

    As for SkyDrive, we haven't heard from many users requesting this feature in 1Password Beta for Android. But if the number starts to grow, it will be something we will look into.

  • tezgno
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    +1 for me on the Google Drive support. This is the only thing that I use Dropbox for these days and once I have the option of either Google Drive or local file system support, I will no longer have a need to use Dropbox.

  • Thanks for the up vote @tezgno. :)

  • lrm537
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    I'd rather use Google drive also. Not much need for Dropbox apart from this.

  • MacLifeGR
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    +1 for Google Drive too. Since we are talking android its possible Google drive is more common.

  • Thanks for the up votes!

  • mperez
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    +1 for Google drive support which makes more sense than dropbox since this is a default app on android

  • Ramathing2013
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    +1 for Google Drive

  • Gordon
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    I'd also add an interest in Google Drive support - keen to implement 1Password in a business environment that utilises Google Apps with multi-users and would like the levels of control over Android devices sync'ing available. This is a good start to a full Android app - really hoping for a good multi-user set up so we can roll it out.

  • Added your votes. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

  • EnerJi
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    Another +1 for Google Drive support. Looking forward to testing out the Android beta soon!

  • CrazyOctopus
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    Another one here longing for some Google Drive love.

    I switched from Dropbox to Drive a while back. I'd been using Drive and third party syncing apps with 1PReader. When I got the invite for the beta I bit the bullet and signed back up for Dropbox but ultimately I'd rather be running just the one cloud service on my devices/machines.

    Whilst Drive users may still not be quite as prolific as those of Dropbox, I'd imagine the numbers have grown to a point where implementing support for the service would be much more worthwhile than it was 18 months ago.

    Plus, given that Android owners generally already have a Google (and therefore Drive) account, syncing via Drive would remove the need to have customers sign up for another third party service, making the use of 1Password simpler and, in my eyes, more appealing.

    P.S. Loving the new app! Worlds apart from the Reader.

  • amswitzer
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    +1 for Google Drive support. Seems like there's a bit of a movement growing here... )

  • nicksay
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • jacobjanzen
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    While I agree that Google Drive support would be nice, this would necessitate updating ALL the platforms, not simply the Android Beta, as otherwise it would completely lose cross-platform support OR make a nightmare out of having 2 different vaults... All that to say that it seems to me this would be a HUGE change! If it were to be explored, I would suggest using the most popular services too: SkyDrive, Boxee, perhaps even ADN?

  • tommylee
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • claudiop
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • nobster
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • AdieB
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    +1 for both google drive and skydrive, like a lot of others I only use dropbox for 1password and would quite happily ditch it, assume it would be supported in the iOS versions too?

  • paranoiak
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • Sacred_Brindle
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    +1 Google Drive over DB any day.

    While not a true cloud option out of the box, BitSync (torrent folder Sync program), can easily be customized to offer an option for a bit more advanced users.

  • dept27
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    +1 for Google Drive

  • razorborg
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    +1 for Google Drive across all platforms. But I'm thrilled to have an updated Android experience first!

  • +1 for Google Drive support. Many of my "Android friends" have only Gdrive and they don't want other cloud account.

  • Goldnessel
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    1+ for Google Drive!

  • Thanks for the votes everyone, I will continue to pass on your requests.

    @jacobjanzen: You brought up an excellent point, and that's one of our biggest challenges. To have support for cross platform is very important to us.

  • Tandom
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    As someone who's IT dept feels that dropbox is insecure (Let's not open that can of worms) I'm definitely interested in another option for syncing a cross multiple platforms. Wifi and Lan connections are on separate networks and thus a wifi sync won't work. I do need a true way to sync them as I'm adding new logins from both home and work and trying to access them from both Android and IOS devices. At present a google drive (or other dropbox alternative would be ideal)

  • This is something that our development team is currently looking into. Ultimately, we want you to have control over your data and how it is communicated between devices. Thank you for the feedback!

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