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  • rmichael
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    Should we keep voting for this, or are you convinced and it's happening? :-)

    I do freelance support for small/medium businesses, and password security is still very much an issue for my clients. I recommend 1Password, and give short presentations on usage/advantages. My business clients are all Google Apps users. No one wants more accounts/passwords across more services, so when I'm forced to admit that 1P Sync doesn't work with Google Drive, people lose interest. Lack of Google Drive support is certainly costing you customers.

  • Hi @rmichael,

    You are welcome to keep voting. It certainly can't hurt and it may improve the chances of the feature appearing in the final version of the app. As we don't usually discuss development plans in advance, I can't confirm that anything is happening until it has already happened. What I can say is that we pay attention to your feedback and we recognize that this is a very popular request.

  • erc
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    Just wanted to add my vote to the list, and also to mention that not all of us Mac owners have gone "all-in" for the whole Apple ecosystem. I've got a lot of different devices including Android tablets and phones, an iPad mini, a MacBook Pro, and Windows desktops. The ability to sync across all devices with Google Drive would be huge.

  • Extramedium
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    One more vote for google drive support. This is the only reason I need my dropbox subscription now and I'd love to be able to get rid of it. Thanks for the great app.

  • saad
    edited February 2014

    Hey @erc! We completely understand a lot of our users, including myself, are using devices and services outside of Apple's ecosystem. That's why we support services apart from what Apple provides. We support Dropbox (a multi-platform cloud storage solution), local folder sync, and WiFi sync. While all of these sync methods have not been ported to the Android side yet, they are options currently being looked over - especially local folder sync.

    Google drive support has been among the top requested features, and it's definitely being looked by our developers. Thanks for your vote, I will pass it on! :)

  • Hey @Extramedium! Thanks for the vote. I'm happy to hear you're liking the beta. :)

  • Zxaos
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    Hoo-boy. Dropbox's change of their TOS yesterday was the final nail in that coffin for me. I guess I'm going back to the non-beta version on Android for the time being (which is too bad since the beta, despite its issues, is a major improvement IMO)

  • guesswho369
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    +1 Google drive. It makes sense, especially with AB now providing deeper Android support. Android+Google drive = Peas+carrots.

  • caseybarker
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    +1 for Google Drive. 1password is the only reason I still have Dropbox.

  • Pixlgeek
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    +1 for GDrive. Like others, the only thing I use DropBox for is 1P. I really don't like having to do that.

  • Thanks everyone for sharing your feedback. I'll add your votes for Google Drive support.

  • Jessi
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    Add my vote too :D I use google drive way more than Dropbox. It's not a huge deal to me, but it'd be nice.

  • palfieri
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    One more vote for Drive support. If you want to really have an Android app, you have to connect it all the way through the Google ecosystem (just like you did with Apple).

  • I will add your votes. Thank you!

    P.S. Local folder sync is now supported as part of the beta 10 update.

  • alecmce
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    +1 for Google Drive integration. Do you have a deal with Dropbox to drag your feet on this? A $50 payment to the app store for a product that doesn't function on my mobile is pretty frustrating.

  • XiDeLu
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    +1 for Google Drive integration; having a ubiquitous ecosystem is a major bonus when on a platform. Android is so tightly integrated with Google services it is a natural evolution and fit. This feature would be great!

  • I have passed on all of these requests to our development team, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • Frookie
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    +1 google drive support, I'm not even bothering with this beta until this basic function is implemented.

  • brandonmarkb
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    Count me in as well! With the pretty drastic price drop for Google Drive storage, I'm considering buying in. I got some free dropbox space when I got my GS3, but it's only for a couple of years. I'm looking at moving my cloud storage to Google Drive since the price is much better than Dropbox. Plus the integration of Google Drive with my Chromebook is great.

  • bittercold
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    +1. I have both 1Password 4 on my Mac and the beta Android app. I've been waiting to have this feature since my current employer decided I can't use Dropbox.

  • fratoro
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    +1 for Google Drive support! :-)

  • michaelmr
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    Signed up just to give my vote for this.

    +10000 :)

  • Thanks everyone for your votes for Google Drive support!

  • mofus
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • throx
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    +1 for Google Drive support too, I am signing up an account just to cast my vote. I do not use dropbox so I cant get 1Password yet. Thanks !

  • thecapuchin
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    +1 for GDrive support.

  • mkap73
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    +1 for Google Drive support

  • Thanks everyone, I added your vote for this feature request.

    I was wondering, does anyone know if it's possible to auto-sync a folder from your Android device to Google Drive?

  • _CH_
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    edited March 2014

    @saad - i dont recall about folders off hand, but you can 'auto-sync' a specific file (with the 'keep on device' option, which is generally accessed by finding the file you're interested in then clicking the i and turning the slider to 'on'), and I believe there is a way you can do the same for folders. This will keep a local copy (that will sync as well). If you're asking about just syncing the folder and contents this should be done automatically as long as you can connect to the internet (unless the individual user has changed something, or has mobile data off, etc)

    i would also like to add my support for drive sync!

  • RichardPayne
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    edited March 2014

    I think when @saad is getting at is, can you sync an arbitrary from folder in the Android file system to GoogleDrive, and I think the answer is no. The auto-sync option that @_;CH_ mentioned stores the file/folder on the Android file system under /Android/data/ and as far as I am aware, it is not possible to make it store is outside of that path.

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