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Support for Orion Browser



  • awkwebawkweb
    Community Member

    Would love to see this as well! I tried Arc and it's not as good as Orion IMO (besides the marketing).

  • darsnackdarsnack
    Community Member

    I would like support for 1Password in Orion as well. It is completely unacceptable that Arc has support when it is invite only. Arc uses far more resources on my machine in comparison to Orion, and it lacks any kind of mobile support. It is objectively a smaller user base on an experimental project.

    Your actions speak louder than your words which so far ring hollow.

  • EdsonBittencourtEdsonBittencourt
    Community Member

    I really don't understand why Arc has full support and Orion don't.

    What is the criterion for supporting a browser and not another, considering that the unsupported one has a much larger number of users, as it is open in general?

  • ordinarybeefordinarybeef
    Community Member

    Please add support for Orion. Right now it doesn't properly work so it's a lot of copy-pasting back from the 1Password app, which in itself is less secure than having autofill and the extension working

  • RamGuyRamGuy
    Community Member

    +1 on this one. I'm not going to be as vocal as many others there. I understand why the 1Password developers won't be spending resources on adding support for niche browsers. But Orion has been a blessing for me on macOS and iOS as I prefer WebKit browsers as they are more efficient on Apple systems,. Sadly Apple has made so many strange decisions regarding browser extensions annihilating a lot of developers that have dropped support for Safari completely. Orion gives the benefit of having something very close to Safari while being able to utilise the expansive world of Firefox and Chrome extensions.

    Only thing not working for me currently is the 1Password extension. Using the desktop app for autofill etc is much slower compared to having the extension working directly within the browser.

  • CharlieCortialCharlieCortial
    Community Member

    Hi @RamGuy, do you realize that we have been waiting many months for this very requested feature? 1Password support at least one browser that is way more niche, Arc Browser (not even open to the general public). The support for Arc Browser was added in a very short amount of time. I don't think it's a matter of resources, but we, as customers, don't seem have the right to ask for answers and accountability.

  • SukinoVerseSukinoVerse
    Community Member

    Please count my vote for Orion support +1 ☺️

  • wallerstein28wallerstein28
    Community Member

    Please add support to Orion. It's an amazing browser that will not stay niche for long. Makes me reconsider my family subscription to 1Password.

  • philippgerardphilippgerard
    Community Member

    Please support Orion.

  • sannidhyzsannidhyz
    Community Member
    edited January 22

    I'd love to use it in Orion as well, so I support this +1!

    Any updates on this? I'm using the Firefox extension version of 1Password (Orion supports both Chrome & Firefox extensions) and right now, it seems the autofill works and the settings page also loads. However, it still can't connect to the desktop app.

  • zkandazkanda
    Community Member

    Voting for Orion support as well.

  • roguesithroguesith
    Community Member

    Does anyone know if Bitwarden is better with Orion support?

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