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  • kelchmkelchm Junior Member
    Community Member

    I'm frustrated with the lack of support for Orion as well. I've been a loyal user of 1Password for around a decade now, but this combined with some of the other changes in 1Password8 definitely has me considering alternatives.

  • timothymhtimothymh
    Community Member

    1Password was working pretty decently in Orion until the most recent update, and now it either takes 10+ seconds to work, or doesn't work at all. This thread has eight pages of replies, and Orion is getting a larger user base by the day — most of whom are just the sort of privacy- and security-conscious users who are your subscribers! Please listen to us, and fix (and maintain!) your Orion integration as soon as possible.

  • RetroAvengerRetroAvenger
    Community Member

    +10 again on this thread, not letting it die down. PLEASE SUPPORT ORION. It makes no sense why 1P wouldn't.

  • coalitioncoalition
    Community Member

    We need more transparency here. @ag_tommy, tell your colleagues to write an in-depth statement on the status of this situation.

  • coalitioncoalition
    Community Member

    Calling upon @PeterG_1P.

  • orraloonorraloon
    Community Member

    And another +1 to add Orion to 1P's extension to whitelist. Thanks.

  • midnightdatamidnightdata
    Community Member

    I'm on the cusp of moving on to another password management solution that actually prioritizes their users' requests. I can't believe Orion support still hasn't been implemented.

    So +1 to another customer requesting Orion support.

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