Experiment #4 – New interface in 1Password.com’s vault view



  • ian_turnbull
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    I am all for a simple and clear setup so that one doesn't have to wonder how to do things. Make sure that items can be moved from category to category and that new categories can be set up. Since you market your product worldwide also make sure that date format, currency, etc that vary from country to country can be selected to suit the locality. The other thing that I have found is that over the years one accumulates data which one is then unsure what is still relevent. Perhaps dating of entries would be an idea.

  • michaelgutbier
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    The new UI does not allow editing tags in entries. I can only remove a tag and then have to re-enter it. This is annoying if I accidentally mistyped a tag and want to fix a typo or something., which is not that unusual. There should be more flexibility in editing/changing tag assignments in items.

    In the old UI I can edit tags freely, e.g. by changing their names in the input field. Although this is not perfect because this offers no auto-completion or other kinds of help for entering tags, it is better than the new UI.

  • jae21396
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    Does not look like the new UI on the Web Extension allows you to upload, or shows you custom icons for items.

    Example: Created a note, added some sections and details. Attempted to upload custom icon on the new UI, and nothing happened. Reverted to old UI, icon upload worked as expected.

    Using Firefox with the browser extension on a Windows 11 machine, opened up the vault and all attempts were done there.

  • seanr
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    FWIW, I vastly prefer this interface over the existing one. I'll reserve judgment on the bugs or missing items others have reported given that I have only just switched to it, but visually it is FAR better IMHO. 🙂

  • rob

    Hey, everyone. Thanks for the continued feedback. We've been listening to the issues reported here and elsewhere and working to smooth over several wrinkles. We've released a few updates recently addressing a bunch of little issues and there's another one coming this week.

    Watchtower is almost ready! (cc: @debstr) We've got the bulk of the work done, but we're still putting on the finishing touches and improving performance. In the new experience, you'll be able to access your Watchtower dashboard for all vaults at the same time, which isn't something supported in the current/old experience. With great power comes great performance considerations, though. 😅

    I'm responding to several specific comments below. For others, I'm forwarding your feedback for future consideration, or maybe just smiling at your encouraging comment. 😊

    It seems that when editing an item in the new web interface, it's not possible to manually set the specific Google/GitHub/Apple/... account that was used to log in to the site.

    Great spot, @Luca01! I've filed an issue for us to look into this.

    my support id was XVP-14348-453

    @steveog thanks for following up. We identified and fixed one possible cause for that issue, but we're keeping an eye out for others.

    Is there a way to turn off the request to save my password when logging into the browser? Seems like a bad idea to save my master password in my vault.

    @bemorenordie it's actually not a bad idea. I have my accounts saved in 1Password so that I can easily sign in on 1Password.com when I already have the browser extension unlocked. We have some changes in progress to make this experience even better, though.

    I'm also noticing that if I ever have to refresh the page I have to log in again.

    @bemorenordie that's strange. We made some changes back in February that meant page refresh should no longer sign you out. What browser and operating system are you using?

    Error trying to create secure note.

    @b3nw are you still experiencing this? We fixed a timeout issue recently, so let me know if you're still having trouble.

    We're seeing longer load times recently as we've been adding more features, and we're working to address those issues.

    cc: @sudheerkovalam @dleib2020 @securitymindedK @Costa @CptnSpiff

    How can I find out the number entries I have?

    @rrrobot in the new interface, you can see the number of items at the bottom of the list or in the sorting menu:

    How to change the time out for the browser?

    @bemorenordie you can adjust this on your profile: https://start.1password.com/profile

    "Archive and Do Not Ask Again" does not work, it asks again, every time.

    @johnfixesstuff hey look at that! 🤦‍♂️ I've filed an issue, thanks!

    My one complaint is that Vaults are missing (I organize my items into 10+ vaults.)

    @jhands vaults are still here! They've just moved to the top left corner, under "All Vaults".

    I changed the logo of one password entry with a png image. I can get through the whole icon uploading process, but once it is uploaded, it has no effect (this on the new beta UI).

    @diegotercero oops! We know custom icons aren't working yet in the new UI, but I didn't realize it was offering you the option to upload one. We try to at least hide the stuff that's not working. 😅 We'll be looking at this one soon, though. 👍

    cc: @jae21396

    Is there a way to convert logins/passwords/etc to other types? Like if I created a login for an email, but now I see that it really should've been created as an email.

    @jennifer7i884 this isn't possible right now, no. Note that Email items are not currently supported by the browser extension for filling into web forms, so the Login item may actually be what you wanted. Email items are helpful for storing all the various configuration settings you need when you're setting up a new email client.

    I would like to see the linear lines delineating different items, like in the present 1Password. It helps to differentiate them from each other.

    @debstr can you help me understand what lines you're referring to? Maybe post a screenshot of some sample data (nothing sensitive)?

    What I don't like is seeing dates, which I assume are when the passwords were created (but I could be wrong), above every item.

    @debstr if you're referring to the month groupings, you can change how items are sorted using the arrow icon at the top of the item list. If you change it to sort by Title, the month groupings will be replaced with letter groupings.

    Why is everything centered?

    @ehurkman thanks for the feedback! We had a lot of complaints about the UI stretching across the full browser width, so we're experimenting with a thinner details section centered in the available space. This is similar to how other apps behave when they want to provide readable content. One example is Notion. We considered left aligning the details, but then there's just a huge amount of space on the right, where the Edit button and item actions menu are. 🤷‍♂️

    We'll probably keep tweaking it.

    I think there should be a quick access to this menu.

    @toddrobertson keep an eye out for a change coming this week! 😎

    For identities/ passports ect it would be good to upload a photo of the document (Nordpass has this and its very useful if you lose a passport on holiday!).

    @mathewP you can attach photos to items. Just click "add more" then "attach a file".

    Your other feedback seems to apply to the browser extension, so I'll pass it on to the folks working on that.

    Thanks again, everyone!

  • 1pwuser
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    In the Recently Deleted "vault", how do you permanently delete all items at once? Seems like you have to delete them one at a time now.

    I liked one feature regarding Recently Deleted functionality in the old version - you could see the date on which you deleted the item.

  • 73Prime
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    We have attached files to entries which had to be done in the Windows app. This items on the website showed as "unsupported field". I see on the New Beta they properly show the details. Will the functionality in the new beta allow items to be uploaded to an entry? I do see you can download the item via the new beta.

    My question was primarily from uniformity across 1password to allow access to items in an entry across the multiple paths \ apps. Appreciate you allowing me to share.

    1Password Version: 8.10.33
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Not Provided
    Browser: Firefox lastest version

  • mgoodlin
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    Sometime I do like the darker mode, but in the 1PASSWORD not a fan, I do hope there is an option to turn it off. I also like being able to see all the details about a password as seen here all at a glance.

    I like the password sorted in alphabet order and not by the last edit dates. I use this daily and it is always the same few passwords and I like them at the top of my favorites list.

    Why change a good thing when it works?? NOW a fan I want it to stay the way it is.

    Thanks so much Margaret

    1Password Version: Not Provided
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Not Provided
    Browser: Not Provided

  • MIkeC1154
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    It appears to be simpler, and I appreciate that fact. The vaults are also easier to find.

  • XianNewman
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    I can't figure out how to add a new vault in the new view. Also, I should be able to:
    1. Drag and drop items between vaults, tags, etc.
    2. Right-click on an item to see contextual options.
    3. Be signed into multiple accounts and move items between accounts, vaults, etc.

  • michaelgutbier
    Community Member

    Another UX regression from the old UI:
    Copying an URL now requires two clicks instead of one. I (very) often need to copy values from an item instead of opening it. An additional click would be a nuisance.
    Please consider, or even better, prioritise UX over design.

  • michaelgutbier
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    1. Do you prefer this new interface over the old one?
      Absolutely not. The usability decreased in some places where I noticed, and probably in many other places where I didn't. I cannot use it as it currently is. (For example, needing more clicks to copy a value or needing to delete a tag to change its name)

    2. Do you see value in us rolling out this new interface of the vault item view to all 1Password users?
      Not yet. I'd like to see the regressions being fixed before.

    3. Are you experiencing any performance issues?
      The page seems to need more time to load than the old one. The load time should be shorter than before, not longer.

    4. How often do you use the vault item view in 1Password.com?
      Almost every second hour of my workdays.

  • Lorthirk
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    A little bug about the Calendar for date fields:

    Clicking in the month or year doesn't let you quick change the month shown; it's not possible to write in the text field. To enter my birth date I had to switch to the old UI :)

  • Shadow0509
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    Definitely like this new interface much better! Love the "dark" mode. I've been trying out the new interface and it works seamlessly...no issues whatsoever. I use the vault item view almost daily. This is an improvement for sure.